The Spanish coach called controversial at the end of the finals, handball world CHAMPIONSHIP as ‘very painful’

Head coach Carlos Airport on the Spanish handbalsters wanted it to Sunday after the defeat in the final of the world cup against the Netherlands (30-29) in particular, the performance of the team, but he couldn’t deny the fact that the controversial ending of the match, a lot of hurt.

“Silver is very nice, but it’s very difficult to find a game to lose,” said the Airport is in an initial response to the Spanish tv. “We were so close, but they didn’t have the title. It is a very, very painful.”

The rage of the Spaniards were turned in after the final to the Japanese But to the officials, the French twins are Charlotte and Julie Bonaventura.

In the last few seconds, in a 29-29-track, which gave the arbitrator the Netherlands have a strafworp, which are used by Lois Abbingh. Amber picked up this title. Spanish newspaper Marca spoke of a “very serious mistake of the referee”.

The dispute concerns a breach of Ainhoa Hernández, who, according to the explanation of the procedure, the Dutch goalkeeper Tess Wester, illegally prevented the ball from a throw in after her to rescue a shot from the Alexandrina Barbosa.

Since 2016, and to write out the rules for such an offense in the final thirty seconds of the duel counts as a serious spelbederf, as a penalty, a red card and a strafworp. That was the Hernández one of the French arbitration. The global handbalbond made it to the CHAMPIONSHIP and not have to use a videoscheidsrechter

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“I have to have my players congratulating’

A coach to the Airport continued after the game by screaming about the referees. “In the end, the only thing bad of this game,” he said, though, and then especially in the team scores.

“My players are great because they have everything. And even then, it won’t be walked on, they have not given up and are back in the game. This demonstrates the strength of our team.”

The netherlands is the new, for the first time in history to become world champion in handball. The Spanish women have to put up with silver, their highest finish ever down in the world.

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