The son and successor of Osama Bin laden was killed by US

The son and successor of Osama Bin laden has been killed, says Us president Donald Trump on Saturday. In particular, he posts at the end of July, several Us media have been published.

Hamza Bin laden, has been killed in an operation against terrorists in the region, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in a press release. He informs the high-ranking leader of Al Qaeda, has been killed.

“His death deprives Al-Qaeda is not the only important leadership skills, and the symbolic relationship with his father, but also undermines key operations of the group.”

His father is thought to be the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks of september 11, 2001, in which terrorists, four airplanes in the Us airspace to be occupied. The attacks came almost a thousand people were killed.

Osama Bin laden was over a decade later shot and killed by the Americans. His son, Hamza, said, shortly after that, his revenge would take. In march, thanks to the United States, with a reward of 1 million us dollars (about 900,000 euros) for the tip that would lead to.


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