The social platform Reddit to quarantine the major pro-Home to a community of violence, threats

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – the Social media site Reddit have limited access to an important forum for the supporters of the US President, Donald Trump, citing the threats of violence against the police and the politicians.

FILE PHOTO: Reddit mascots are displayed at the company headquarters in San Francisco, Calif., April 15, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith/File Photo

Even though it is not forbidden, and users who have been granted access to the forum, or subreddit, is now met with a message asking the question, “are you sure you want to see in this community?” before allowing them to enter.

In the quarantine, subreddits will also not be included in search results or other recommendations.

With approximately 755,000 subscribers, an r/The_Donald is one of the largest online forums for the Home supporters, and describes itself as “a never-ending rally dedicated to the 45th President of the United States of america, by Donald J. Trump.”

If a candidate is in 2016, He did a ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on the subreddit in which he fielded questions from the members.

A note to Reddit admins, posted by one of the moderators of the r/The_Donald subreddit, saying they had seen a repeated violation of the rules of conduct, and, most recently, with the encouragement of violence against the police and public officials in Oregon. The comment was later removed from the subreddit.

“We are clearly in the site-wide policy for the posting of content that promotes or threat of force is prohibited on Reddit,” a Reddit spokesperson said in a statement provided to Reuters. “We have to be sensitive to what might be seen as political speech, however, is a recent behavior, including threats made against the police and public figures, it is the content which has been banned by the us violence policy.”

On Monday, the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America noted, messages posted on the subreddit, which is reportedly called for violence and in Oregon, after the Democratic Governor Kate Brown has called for police to bring them back from the Republican senators who fled the state so the climate-change legislation could not be passed along to you.

The members of the subreddit reacted angrily to the move, with some accusing the platform of a bias against the conservatives.

He also complained, without providing any evidence, concerning the alleged anti-conservative bias on social media platforms such as Twitter, Inc. He repeated those complaints on the Fox Business Network on Wednesday, adding that tech companies are Alphabet, Inc., Google, and Facebook Inc. need to be challenged.

Trump’s comments came the same day that the White House has announced that it is hosting a social media summit on July 11, with digital leaders.

On the 15th of May, the administration launched a web site, and also urged the AMERICAN public to report on cases of political bias on social media platforms.

On Twitter, user @CarpeDonktum, the memes, again, by a Trumpet, said that the event, which is being taken by the Reddit thing happened, on the day of the first Democratic presidential debate: “is this just Coincidence? Not at all. A community of more than 700,000 Patriots.. suddenly silenced…”

Reddit lays out the quarantine policy is to a page that says that such an action is to be taken when there are communities that are, while not banned, the average redditors can, however, find it very offensive or shocking.”

Subreddits you can appeal to have the quarantine lifted up to see the change in their community and moderation practices.

Reddit, who was stopped short of a ban on the forum, which is also said to have taken action against individual users as well as for the subreddit.

Reporting Elizabeth, Illustrator; editing by Kenneth Li and Bill Berkrot

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