The snow at the north Pole, it contains small particles from the air

Over-the-air are so small, plastic particles, trapped in the snow at the north Pole. That was discovered by German and Swiss scientists, and their findings are presented in the scientific journal, Science Advances.

The discovery is noteworthy, since scientists know not of how many particles are in the snow at the north Pole would have been. Now it turns out that the particles in the atmosphere to be able to move on, which explains how to use the plastic as far as you can get.

One gallon of snow in the north Pole showed up to a 14,400 plastic particles to be contained. That is, it is still not as much as it does in, say, Germany, where the 1-liter snow along the Bavarian-Dutch rural road of about 154,000 coal particles it contained. The detected particles are between 0,011 and 0,475 millimeters in size. 80% of the particles were smaller than 0.025 mm.

Also, the plastic has to come from other parts of the world. A previous study showed that the winds of the dust particles from the Sahara desert, about 3,500 miles away across the Atlantic Ocean can bring in. May be made of plastic particles, that is, from Europe to the north Pole.

Plastic particles occur in ocean water, fresh water, and even the animals, knew the scientists. In addition, it is often studied how much plastic there is in the food. The new findings will raise the question on how much plastic humans to breathe, says lead researcher Melanie Bergmann in the Swiss Alfred-Wegener-Institut).


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