“The sirtaki on Tomorrowland’: these are the festivalplaten of Discobaar A Mother

Deejays this summer at the festivals to play, tell us what numbers they used before, during and after their set cannot be missed. This week: the ever-eclectic and rijkbekrulde dj-duo Discobaar A Mother. “We are going for the musical groepsknuffel.’

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THE DJ’S: Gunter Van Reusel and Wouter Hoet draw for sixteen years by Flanders to Jan and the masses to dance to the best pictures of the past and the present. Or as they would say: ‘With the Race and the Squinty will not only dansbeen get bored!’

THE SET: Lokerse Feesten, August 6, 01:00-02:30

Which album or dj infected you with the draaivirus?

THE SCHELE: My very first mix, there was one between Kaw-Liga by The Residents and “Billy Jean” from Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, 2manydjs him just a little bit sooner discovered than I am. (laughs)

THE RACE: Michael Jackson is in all areas a inspiration, especially if you are around our age have, and so 12 or 13 years old during Jacko’s glory days. I myself have a past as a reggae dj, with the Far West Crew from Antwerp. I got The Squinty, now mainly a house dj with a lot of drum’n’ bass and house in his baking, in which parties often. After a while he asked if we went along to run, or that I only reggae would continue to play.

THE SCHELE: Actually we will run today on z’n reggaes. With different dual turntable, to begin with, and without, technically speaking, very, very well to be able to run. That lack, we fill in with our speaking, just as the Jamaican mc’s that do.

Warm up your backstage especially the voice, or you play already a picture?

THE RACE: In the most backstages touch you with your own music, not above the sound of the main stage.

THE SCHELE: We try as much as possible to ride to our performances, but if it is too far, it serves our car and backstage. We then run cassetjes that we in advance have included.

THE RACE: I go for example, with a selection of plates to The Schele. We palm-each one pick-up, rotate to turn an image and try each other’s musical das to do. The result, we take then on.

THE SQUINTY: As a clash between dj’s, which also comes from the reggae, eh.

Do you have a solid opener?

THE SCHELE: (dry) twenty. Delilah of Tom Jones is one of our favorites, a very nice intro, and a sing-along.

THE RACE: Rock’n’ roll is always good, reggae also. Or the Darth vader theme, if there is a new Star Wars movie is out.

And what if that still does not work? Do you have a list noodplaten in your head?

THE SCHELE: We do this now for sixteen years and in that time we have a system worked out with an a-gear, B-gear and C-gear. That A-bucket vól bombs. Mink Deville, Conga, Miami Sound Machine, Shout by Lulu and The Lovers, I want You Back by The Jackson 5… If plan b can be that A manual count. (laughs)

You aren’t dirty of a sing-along, is an understatement, but what are your favorites in the genre?

(start by each other, numbers to sum up)

I’m a believer! Venus! You’re The One That I want! Come on Everybody! It’s not unusual!

THE BREED: it is Actually public our mixing console. We throw a bomb in, the audience sings in abundance, when we slide dichtgooien and the next plate up, while the people continue singing.

Unless they are too busy with each other, a phenomenon that at each platenruiter known as the barns.

THE SQUINTY: There we even made a cd for released. Swaffelrock is called ie, with one cd Shakers, schuurplaten so, and one with Lattoflexbrekers, for if you already have it.

THE RACE: A pair of shakers that we often impose on Pull Up To The Bumper Grace Jones, Hot In Herre by Nelly, and French Kiss by Lil Louis. In total, last two cd’s together 140 minutes. Who gets volgeswaffeld, has done his best.

There are songs that you would love to play, but who, for one reason or another didn’t work?

THE RACE: We have no musical scruples. On Tomorrowland the sirtaki play after Jimmy Frey? It is but a word. But a few images are still more difficult. Meat Loafs Paradise By The Dashboard Light is, for example, has always been in the tank, but there is rarely the time for.

THE SCHELE: When The Lady Smiles by Golden Earring is also one of them. The rainbow of Paul De Leeuw, we hear over again and do not like. It is that voice-timbre, that is just not counterfeit singing.

With which album throws the Discobaar the books closed?

THE BREED: in the Past that was Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny. That is even on our copy of that record, wrote: “Dees is the allerleste.’ But when we played sets of about five to six hours, now, it’s usually blitzbezoeken of two hours. Today, we go mostly for the musical groepsknuffel. A song like One Love by Bob Marley, or You’ll Never Walk Alone.

You drive home with the cassetjes of the outward journey?

THE SCHELE: not Really, usually we put some soothing music on. For instance, I’m a fan of the Night Tales series, where artists perform their own laatavondmixtape build. That Django Django is my favorite

THE RACE: For me it’s Miles Davis. Or Dance Dance, great to carry around bulbs.

With any music you come the day after?

THE SQUINTY: At our home is usually the radio on. My children listen to, for example, I like to go to it Was now ’80, ’90 or ’00 on Studio Brussel. Then we together to guess what decade a song comes and I notice that I can use my passion for music to them early.

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