The singer Merol find love unrealistic or romanticized

The singer Merol is that love is often not real, and the relations in it is too much to be romanticized. The singer, best known for the hit single go out With The Girls, co-wrote the new single, But maybe as an interview, and “antiliefdeslied,” she said in the interview with the

But as for You, the first single to be released in October, is to appear on the EP, is going to have a fun night out and then you go home which isn’t to your standards, because you also don’t want to sleep alone. “You’re only seven, but seven may be better for me to live,” she sings in a sweet elektropopproductie.

The song is not autobiographical. “I’ve never had a one-night stand, but I wrote it primarily as opposed to all of those romantic love songs. You can find the best to be with someone who is not perfect, it is,” said the girl.

However, it has Merel Baldé, such as Merol doing them a favour, too, is a love song written for her new EP. “It’s coming straight from my heart,” she says, but she emphasizes at the same time, it is not a standard liefdesballade it is. “I don’t want to be in general void of the sun and the moon, and the light and the darkness. That sort of empty terms that mean nothing to me. I want to be in situations to be able to zoom in and be specific. Often, a personal thing, for me, it’s quite recognizable, and, therefore, is universal.”

“I hate it when I am portrayed as ‘offensive’

Merol, which is in 2018, with huge breakthrough, and this is a cult reached in with her song and go out With The Girls to avoid it is not to be expressed in her work. However, it is the attention that a song like Love you, Your Mouth, And a Million of Me will not be its purpose.

“I have heard of bales, if my music is portrayed as shocking or provocative. If you like the song, and listen well to the text, pay attention and you will hear that every word is taken into consideration.”

The lead singer had sometimes the feeling that they are not well-understood. “In the beginning, people want to you may be, and you may find that they don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Now that we understand better what I’m doing, I guess.”

However, please note that Merol to ensure that they do not like a joke is being communicated. “I’m in front of the EP, is also working on a new sound. It may be funny, but it should not be the Core the songs may be. I continue to like to be critical of the writing, but also when it comes to music, I want to be a step forward. I’ve got a good balance is found.”

Merol is also aware of the role model

The singer wants to be with her work with a smile even with serious issues to talk about. Thus, they don’t a Shit about the criticism she’s received in her body. “A lot of young girls are on the look out for a preview, go to someone who a fan is. That’s why I think it’s also important to pay close attention to body positivity. It is my hope that the girls come to think about it, beauty.”

Merol her career began on the stage in the musical “Soldier of Orange” was, the act does not require for its creative and express myself, to be able to. “I can put all my creativity into music and everything that surrounds it. I’m making my own merch and artwork. If you have a matter you need to do what someone else says, ” and there will I be less of a challenge.” However, they also open the front door and open it. “If there’s anything fun to do right now, as I say, of course not.”

Merol is going to be in the fall on a club tour through the Netherlands and Belgium. On the 29th of december, will close the series of concerts in the large hall of Paradiso, amsterdam.


To listen to, But You have to Merol

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