The shadow of corruption

nearvideo house impeachment vote could impact the state funding, the debate over gun control

Fox News senior producer for Capitol Hill Chad Pergram explained.

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How corrupt do you think your government is?

According to Transparency International, the ranking of countries on their 1-100 scale for 25 years, the United States is very damaged at all.

The most recent rankings, built through a survey of experts and business people, which ranks the USA as the 22nd cleanest in the 180 Nations of the world. We run in a pack with other, mostly Western liberal democracies such as Australia, the UK and France just behind the squeaky clean Scandinavian countries and, of course, Canada.

We are far removed from the rampant corruption under the most of the rest of the world is forced to live. Russia, China, India and Brazil are all bad news when it comes to the principles of fairness. The whole of Africa, with the exception of Botswana and every Asian country except Japan, are as significantly damaged.

So your government, on an empirical basis, is pretty much on the level.

But that’s not the important question. What matters is, how corrupt do you think your government is. And the guests, the news is bad.

In our last Fox News survey, we asked respondents, “How many people in the government believe they are corrupt-almost all, many, some, or almost none?” The results are sobering for anyone concerned about the current trajectory of the policy.

About one in five said that almost all people are corrupt in the government. An amazing 43 percent said that “many” are crooked. Only 31 per cent got closer to reality to say that “some” are corrupt in the government. A sad, 2 percent say “almost none.”

Like all reputation goods, as the currency of a country, the perception of value is much more important than the actual value itself. If a government is perceived, and so corrupt, it is almost as bad as the real thing, and results in the real corruption anyway.

If you think the game is rigged, you are much more likely to be willing to deceive yourself.

64 percent of Americans believe that their government is rotten with corruption do not belong to any particular demographic or political group, either. Women are distrust of a little more than men and white people are white dubious than other ethnic groups, without a college degree, and most of all.

But religious faith, political leanings, education and income all had relatively little influence on the General perception that corruption is a big problem in our government.

It is no wonder, given what the two political parties are on sale these days. It would be one thing if the response to the public perception was really about the “draining the swamps” and some sustainable efforts for reforms, which could bring back to reality. But what is more likely to happen is that the politicians take advantage of such perceptions, the lower expectations for the good government and accountability once they are in power.

If the whole system is rigged, why should our side to play by the rules? After all, they are the real crooks

That is how the false perception of corruption makes the way for the real thing.

“It is so, that in a democracy, to meet the people and exercise the government in person; in a Republic, you can build and administer it by their representatives and agents. A democracy, therefore, is limited to a small spot. The Republic may be extended over a large region.” – James Madison, Federalist No. 14

Gun&garden: “When Ken Burns decides to cover a topic, set aside some time to dig in. Best known for his epics, including his civil war documentary, which aired on PBS over five nights in the year 1990 to an audience of 40 million people, the filmmaker is now in his latest deep-dive Country music is preparing for the premiere. The eight-part, sixteen-hour movie needs a magnifying glass to the forces that shaped this distinctly American sound. “I’m looking for stories, and I’m on the search for stories is Burning on all cylinders,’, garden & Gun. … The film runs in chronological order, the many influences of country music marked by enslaved people, the banjo brings over the Atlantic ocean from Africa all the way from the heyday of pop-country in the mid-1990s. The genre, burns shows, is less a set of rules and boundaries, as it is a spectrum—one that trades on universal truths and bridges, which shares cultural, racial, and economic.”

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Biden: 28,2 Points
Warren: 20.2 Points
Sanders: 16 Points
Harris: 6.6 Points
Buttigieg: 5.4 Points
[Means Fox News, NBC News/WSJ, CNN, ABC News/WaPo and IBD include:.]

Average Approval: 42.6 Percent
The average of the rejection: 54%
Net Rating: -11.4 Percent
Change from a week ago: up 3.4 points
[Average, includes: Fox News: 45% approve – 54% lean; Gallup: 43% approve – 54% lean; NPR/PBS/Marist: 41% approve, reject – 54%; CNN: 42% approve – 54% disapprove; ABC News/WaPo: 40% approve, reject 55%.]

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AP: “Joe Biden tried to show a broad appeal to the Democrats on Thursday, with new endorsements from leading African-American legislator and a former Governor of the Central swing state. The support reps. G. K. Butterfield of North Carolina, Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri, and Charlie Crist of Florida reflects Biden is the game for both the party establishment and the minority of voters who are critical in the early stages of the primary. Butterfield and Cleaver are former Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Crist was the Governor of Florida, before he was in Congress. The moves are the latest example of Biden, the shelf life is, as an early democratic front-runner. So far, he is successfully-thread-different wings of the party, despite skepticism from the progressive and questions whether, at 76, he is too old for the presidency. … [T]he support of Butterfield and Cleaver, in particular, is a potential blow to Sen. Kamala Harris [and] sen. Cory Booker…”

The younger black voters to break try your parents of the Biden – NYT: “If Mr Biden, 76, to win the nomination of the Democrats, it is probably because you are the support of older black voters… But if he is being overtaken, one of his more progressive rivals, the most powerful tool against him can not be, opposition research and negative advertising. Instead, it can vary a organic effort of younger black voters — worried about Mr. Biden’s age, and more moderate ideology, their older family members. Mr Biden seems to be aware of these dynamics. In interviews, he has the generation gap recognized among his black supporters, and played down its importance, arguing that the support of older, more moderate black voters would be enough to give him a choice-advantage. Still, Mr. Biden, by his own admission, it would be unwise to underestimate the lobbying of those who engaged the young and politically.”

Harris takes the goal in the Warren – WSJ: “Kamala Harris, now a distant fourth in the Democratic presidential race, was targeted in the survey-climber Elizabeth Warren to do big-money events. In answer to a question, Warren, Harris, said in a closed-door fundraiser, it was to say hypocritical, for their rivals, they do not money from the big donors, when Warren transferred around US $ 10 million from her Senate Fund donations prior to the termination of big money. Harris drew 1.2 million dollars in their presidential Fund. Harris complains that she needs to keep in places like New York, the campaign to keep financially above water but prefer to spend their time in early voting States. At a subsequent press conference, Harris’s campaign did not name Warren directly, but mentioned that Harris came into the campaign with less than other candidates because ” we spent 2018 increase for the other candidates.'”

And at the same time with Buttigieg – AP: “democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is accused of his 2020-rival Elizabeth Warren as a “very evasive” when it comes to explain how they would Finance a universal health care plan. Seen on CNN on Thursday, Buttigieg issued the most pointed attack on the Massachusetts senator, said she ” was very evasive when this question is asked, and, as we have seen, repeatedly.’ The sharpened criticism comes as the fall campaign enters high gear with Iowa, the first-in-the-nation Caucuses scheduled in February. Warren already has a well-organized campaign and leads Buttigieg in Iowa, where the South Bend, Indiana, the mayor of the longshot presidential campaign strongly in the competition and try to break it.”

Yang is playing Perot for a new generation – the Atlantic: “in order To understand why [Andrew Yang hang is in the polls], it is worthwhile to look at how he reacted earlier this month, as Shane Gillis, a comedian on Saturday Night Live, described him with a racial slur. Yang demanded that Gillis will not be released. … But not revealing Yang was the explanation for why Gillis deserves forgiveness. Gillis, Yang tweeted, ” don’t hit me as malicious or evil. He appears to me as a still-forming comedian from Central Pennsylvania.’ What central means to do Pennsylvania have with it? For Andrew Yang and his followers, everything. It is code for economic hardship, the Yang, fuels racism, and most of the other problems, the threat of America believes. … In the course of the last quarter of a century, two presidential candidates to mobilize, this economy-first, culture-war-indifferent voters into a powerful force. The first was Ross Perot. The second Andrew Yang is.”

De Blasiout – Fox News: “New York mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday he will fall from, the 2020 primaries termination of its campaign to fight traction to win in the race. ‘I feel like I wore everything I can to make this primary choice, and it is clearly not my time,” he said during an appearance on MSNBC the ” Morning Joe.’ ‘So I’m going to at the end of my presidential campaign, will continue my work as mayor of New York City, and I will continue to speak up for the working people.’ De Blasio, the President election in may, appeared, to be running as a proud progressive. But his campaign never caught fire: He qualified for the first two rounds of the democratic presidential debates, but has failed to make the cut for the other.”

Booker hides from the past Alliance with DeVos – WaPo: “Cory Booker was a little-known member of the Newark city Council 19 years ago, when he received an unusual invitation from a Michigan group connected to Betsy DeVos, now the U.S. Secretary of Education. DeVos and her husband, Dick, were the leading Republican proponents of a state ballot initiative that would allow, with taxpayer-funded vouchers to pay for private schools. … Booker accepted. … But as a Booker runs for President, his relationship with DeVos, his previous support of vouchers and his praise for charter schools present potential barriers. Vouchers and Charter schools are many, a thorn in the side of powerful teachers unions, on the outside of the power in the Democratic primaries, and some of the candidates of the party that is strong against you on the grounds that they weaken the traditional public schools.”

Fox News: “The development of the controversy over a mysterious telephone call to President Trump had with a foreign leader, apparently, centers for Ukraine, as the President and his allies are fighting back and claim that the outrage is just another ‘partisan’ conspiracy against him. What touched off the controversy was a secret whistleblower complaint, that the Director of national intelligence, has kept out of the Congress, allegedly with a ‘promise’ Trump has to an unnamed foreign leaders. In the latest development, The Washington Post and The New York Times reported on Thursday that the complaint relates to the Ukraine. Fox News has not confirmed reports. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, seemed to confirm, to make some effort to pressure the Ukraine to investigate possible corruption in connection with the Biden family, but he gave conflicting answers to the question in a CNN interview about the night. It remains unclear what brought the alleged “promise” of trump, with. The President, however, he claims, nothing improper, tearing into those push said the allegations Friday.”

Giuliani inconsistent – WaPo: “Rudolph W. Giuliani, the President of Trump’s personal attorney, the self-contradicted, when asked whether he personally asked the Ukraine to examine former Vice-President , Joe Biden, ranted about the partiality of the media and defended Trump in the midst of new reports of secret service-official whistleblower complaint, during the chaotic and fiery CNN interview on Thursday evening. Immediately after anchor Chris Cuomo led him, and summed up the latest news from the whistleblower story, which was only broken an hour before, Giuliani went on the attack about. … Giuliani spent the first half of the Interviews repeated the claim that Biden in 2016 pressured Ukraine to allow their top attorney, who at the time was the investigation of a natural gas company, where Biden’s son Hunter was on the Board. …It found no evidence to help that Biden tried to give his son.”

WaPo: “President Trump heads Harris County, Texas, this weekend to a big rally in front of the next week the General Assembly of the United Nations — Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi. The website for the “Howdy, Modi’ rally has the ‘turning of a live audience is the largest gathering for an invited foreign leader to visit the United States, other expected than the Pope”: around 50,000 people, many of Houston’s large Indian diaspora, to. It is eye-popping, that the leader of the world’s two largest democracies, will appear together at such an event — let alone that this particular American President will be holding court in the center of Texas, blue wave, and the diverse city in America. You’re not wrong, if you think that sounds friendly territory for Trump. But this is a strong political reason for him to go: Democrats make a big game for Texas in the year 2020, and Republicans are growing worried. The rally modes, which is very popular in India, provides trump with access to a possible pool of Indian American voters, which could turn out to be critical in next year’s presidential elections.”

Politico: “To take back the White house, the Democrats only need to win back three key Rust Belt states. But if you move a President’s agenda through the Senate, you tilt you need to want to Belt the Sun. From Arizona to North Carolina, to clean up a few seats in Georgia, Democrats have to have in the country is to have any chance under the chamber. President Donald Trump, wore each of these States in the year 2016, and in a time of polarized politics, when the Senate nationalized the race, increasingly, Democrats have to a minimum of Belt, the strong performance of the party’s presidential candidate in the Sun-countries — if not to win to have a shot at mirroring their seats in the Senate. So, while some Democrats are laser-focused on winning back the Rust Belt, Democrats in the Southern half of the country, their party, pushing to invest in their States — not only as a way to flip votes in the Senate, but as a part of the path to 270 Electoral College.”

Kemp frustrated GOP cattle call for the Senate appointment – AJC: “Within hours of Gov. Brian Kemp‘s unusual decision to invite the public to apply, succeed U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, his office was blitzed with the applications — some serious and some silly — from the would-be Washingtonians.Lawyers. Doctors. Local Government Officials. Serial Fun-Maker. The IT specialists. A well-known expert. As of Wednesday evening, 158 people had applied — and many, many more are expected to join us. … Welcome to the next phase of the race for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. The chances are good, Kemp and his advisers already have a list of the top contenders for Isakson carved the seat down to a handful — and the online application unveiled late Tuesday will be largely for show. But up-would be US-to explain to senators publicly their intention could only expand the scope of the search, still, as it forces some difficult decisions about potential candidates.”

Fox poll: voters are frustrated with the government, nervous about the economy – Fox News

Trump files suit bid to protect the personal, corporate tax returns from the release – Fox News

McConnell flips-preservation, announces support for $250 million in election-security-funding – WaPo

Sanders is first, The candidate with a million donors strike – Politically

“I’m f****** moving to Iowa.” – Sen. Kamala Harris said jokingly to sen. Mazie Hirono , according to journalist Matt Laszlo.

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WFTS: “A freak boating accident that left a 14-year-old Manatee County boy-an anchor inserted in his skull, and the doctors of his survival story,” one in a million.’ “I can’t believe I had an anchor in my head. Like, this is pretty crazy,’ Caleb Bennett said. “My friends call me the ‘Anchorman’, so that is kind of cool. I’m a bit of a big deal around here.’ Caleb and his family love to fish on the Manatee River, and this is exactly what the teenager was doing when the accident happened. His parents, Kelli and Rick Bennett, were in the Bahamas celebrate your wedding day when the call got. … Caleb, the Johns Hopkins All Children’s said Hospital, he was reminded of the feeling of the anchor and to think, he just had to stay calm. … Caleb was flown to the Johns Hopkins University in St. Petersburg, where he underwent immediately to brain surgery. … [Luis Rodriguez, M. D., a pediatric neurological surgeon at Johns Hopkins] told the family, how happy he was that the anchor does not touch the blood vessels in Caleb’s brain. His keepers say he is a miracle.'”

“Wounding of a President, by reversing its most cherished foreign policy objective is an understandable political instinct. However, if there are wounds of the country, it is a bad one.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writing in Time magazine on June 24, 2001.

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