The seven bodies of the missing climbers have been found in the Himalayas

The bodies of seven of the eight climbers, who are already more than a month went missing in the Himalayas, were Sunday brought to the surface. It reports the French news agency (AFP).

The identity of the victims has not been announced. The group of climbers consisted of four Britons, two Americans, an Indian and an Australian. The Indian authorities have assumed for weeks that the climber had died.

The bodies were found by an Indo-Tibetan border police (ITBP) on one side of the top of the mountain called Nanda Devi East in India. At the close of the vindlocatie was also a part of the equipment of the rock climbers have been found. The quest for the eighth and final of the missing climber is Monday, the further, according to the ITBP.

The group, which is led by an experienced British mountaineer Martin Moran, he is not the highest mountain, but one does not climb on top of some 6.477 metres in height. For this purpose it was not approved by the authorities. On the 13th of may, they started the trek, which is approximately 24 days to complete.

The last contact with the climber was on the 26th of may

On the 26th of may, did the group in front of the last of us. A day after the region was hit by a heavy particle. It is possible that the climbers are of a ijsrichel in some cases.

The mass was a regular search, it became more and more difficult by bad weather and difficult terrain. The team that has the bodies were found, had been a Sunday for five hours to bring the bodies back to pick it up.

In the past few weeks and months, and there was more bad news about climbers in the Himalayas. Eleven mountaineers came out in the last two weeks of life, when they came to the Mount Everest, wanted to be with him. Due to the hustle and bustle on the mountain and hit several climbers in trouble.


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