The serie a champions, and Is set to win over, Play humble with a move (closed)

In the Champions League games are Tuesday night’s eight group matches in the program, of which there are at 18.55 hours, the two played in are: the Eu-Shakhtar Donetsk (1-2) Real Madrid-Club Brugge (2-2). Follow the games in our liveblog.

  • Uefa Champions League
  • A Move To Bayern 2-7
  • Red Star-Olympiakos 3-1
  • The FOLLOWING from 0 to 1
  • The City-The Dinamo Zagreb 2-0
  • Lokomotiv-Athletic 0-2
  • The Leverkusen 3-0
  • Real-Madrid-Club Brugge 2-2
  • In This Context-Shakhtar 1-2

Uefa Champions League · 18 hours ago, Peter Bosz, after two of the men at the front have puntloos with Bayer Leverkusen. The balance in Group D

  • The 2 to 4 (5 to 2)
  • Athletic 2-4 (4-2)
  • Lokomotiv 2-3 (2-3)
  • Leverkusen 2-0 (1 to 5)
  • Uefa Champions League · 21 minutes geledenIn group C, with Manchester City the lead in their hands and wait for the Context of Marten de Roon on piano, and Hans Hateboer on the first point.

  • Manchester City 2-6 (5-0)
  • Dinamo Zagreb 2-3 (4-2)
  • Shakhtar Donetsk 2-3 (Or 2-4)
  • In This Context The City Is 2-0 (1 To 6)
  • Uefa Champions League · 23-geledenIn group B, Bayern Munich is in the lead and set a new Challenge, last year’s runners-up, in the last place.

  • Bayern Munich, 2-6 (10-2)
  • Red Star Belgrade 2-3 (3-4)
  • Olympiakos 2-1 (3-5)
  • Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 (4-9)
  • Uefa Champions League · 26 minutes ago theReal Madrid football club is, after the two duels, the last in the group. The position in the group A is as follows:

  • Paris Saint-Germain, From 2 To 6 (4-0)
  • Club Brugge 2-2 (2-2)
  • The 2-2 (0-1)
  • Real Madrid 2-1 (2-5)
  • The champions league holders Bayern Munich – · in 32 minutes geledenEen a painful statistic for the Spurs: with the 2-7 defeat against Bayern, it is the largest thuisnederlaag for an English club, ever.

    🐓 – Tottenham Hotspur suffer the biggest ever home defeat by an English team in all European competitions (a 5-goal margin). #TOTFCB #UCL

    AvatarAuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen22:53 – 1 October 2019Tottenham Against Bayern Munich · a 35-minute geledenSerge Gnabry had four hits and the big man is on the side of Bayern Munich.

    Tottenham Hotspur 2️⃣
    Bayern Munich 7️⃣
    The final note is Serge Gnabry, who is fourth on the night, and the Tottenham and we are on a amazing grasp on the pants 🙈
    #TOTBAY #CL #ZiggoSport

    AvatarAuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:51 am – October 1, 2019Juventus-Bayer Leverkusen · a 35-minute geledenDe goal from the Right (3-0) in the picture.

    Ronaldo struck in the final! ⚡️
    #JUVB04 3-0! 💥
    #UCL #JUVLEV #veronicainside

    AvatarAuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen22:54 pm – 1 October, 2019Champions League · 37 minutes geledenGeen some of the football that won so often in a Champions League match as Real Madrid.

    🐐 – Most wins in the history of the @champions league
    102 – @Cristiano (+1)
    The 101 – Second Match
    91 – Xavi
    80’s – Lionel Messi
    The 79 – Raúl
    The 79 – Andres Iniesta
    #UCL #JuveB04

    AvatarAuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen22:51 am – October 1, 2019Rode Star Belgrade-Olympiakos · 37 minutes ago inthe Past!

    Also, in the final match of the evening has come to an end. Red Star Belgrade beat Olympiacos, which in the last half hour with ten men went 3-1.Manchester City-Dinamo Zagreb · 40 minutes ago isthe Past!

    Manchester City are facing a rather meager victory over Dinamo Zagreb: 2-0. Raheem Sterling, a substitute, and Phil Foden to ensure that the goals.Lokomotiv-Athletic · 40 minutes ago isthe Past!

    Atlético Madrid will win deserved by Lokomotiv Moscow 0-2.Manchester City-Dinamo Zagreb · a 40-minute geleden90+5′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 2-0

    Deep into injury time gives Manchester City the decision was made. As Phil Foden makes its second of the night for the home team.The FOLLOWING · 41 minutes ago isthe Past!

    A single goal from Mauro Icardi has been in for Paris Saint-Germain will be enough to win in the Club: from 0 to 1.His side’s win over Bayer Leverkusen · 43 minutes ago isthe Past!

    They leave a little of the Bayer ag in Leverkusen, Peter Bosz: 3-0.Red Star Belgrade-Olympiakos · a 43-minute geleden90′ GOAL of Red Star Belgrade! 3-1

    In the final stage, puts the Red Star, the three points are safe. The former Roda JC player: Richmond Boakye is it just the same.The champions league holders Bayern Munich · 44 minutes ago isthe Past!

    Bayern do not leave chips of Tottenham Hotspur: 2-7. Serge Gnabry scored no less than four times by the Germans, and the Veteran will find twice, it’s just the same.Red Star Belgrade-Olympiakos-four hours geleden87′ GOAL of Red Star Belgrade! 2-1

    Red Star is yet to score a goal in the final. Nemanja Milunovic gives the home side the lead.The champions league holders Bayern Munich a one-hour geleden88′ GOAL Bayern Munich! 2-7

    It is, however, very, very hard in London. Serge Gnabry makes his fourth of the night.His side’s win over-Bayer-Leverkusen-four hours geleden88′ GOAL in The competition! 3-0

    There is, however, still the goal to the Right! Portuguese to slide the ball in from the left, under Hradecky on.The champions league holders Bayern Munich a one-hour geleden87′ GOAL Bayern Munich! From 2 to 6

    It will be a very painful night for the Spurs, which is the first supporters club already in the hospital. Robert Lewandowski stings the ball in after a lovely passje of Philippe Coutinho.The champions league holders Bayern Munich a one-hour geleden83′ GOAL Bayern Munich! 2 to 5

    Serge Gnabry completes his hat-trick. In the final stage, takes on the germans with a superb long pass from Thiago Alcântara, and he and Hugo Lloris no chance.His side’s win over-Bayer-Leverkusen-four hours geleden80′ Daley Sinkgraven may also have to compete in Turin, italy. The ex-following his departure to chelsea will come out in the field for the Charles Aránguiz, and for the second time in his debut for the team of trainer Peter Bosz.His side’s win over-Bayer-Leverkusen-four hours geleden74, ” It is not the night to Real Madrid. The Dutch will, for the first time this evening, required the chance in order to score a goal, but he shoots at Hradecky on it.Manchester City-Dinamo Zagreb is one hour geleden72′ Josep Guardiola is in his place, pointed out by a referee Serdar Gözübüyük, and is given a yellow card.Manchester City-Dinamo Zagreb is one hour geledenUit the new-this-opening an attack at Manchester City’s score against Dinamo Zagreb.

    A Goal in Manchester!! Sterling, breaks down the ban for the City 💥
    #MCIDZG #CL #ZiggoSport

    AvatarAuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:29 – October 1, 2019Tottenham Against Bayern Munich and one hour geledenHarry the Band with the firm kick of his of sixteen match in the Champions League. Only Ruud van Nistelrooij and Roberto Soldado would have been less and less gigs for that.

    1️⃣6️⃣ – Only Roberto Soldado (20) and Ruud van Nistelrooy (20), the needed definition to the Champions League appearances to score their 16th #UCL goal than Harry Kane (21). #TOTFCB #COYS

    AvatarAuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen22:24 – October 1, 2019Galatasaray-FOLLOWING-four-hours agothe goal of Mauro Icardi has Paris Saint-Germain and now at 26 (!) consecutive uefa Champions League matches have been scored. None of the current CL clubs, which can range easily. For Icardi, it is also his first goal in the service of the FOLLOWING.Lokomotiv-Half · a one-hour geledenMet this is pretty counter-doubles in the Half with the lead.

    So!!! What an amazing counter from the Half – 💪
    #LMOATM #CL #ZiggoSport

    AvatarAuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:24 – October 1, 2019Manchester the City-the Dinamo Zagreb is one hour geleden66′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 1-0

    The fans at the Etihad Stadium, there have been more than an hour, but Raheem Sterling and break the spell. ‘I tap the inside to a beautifully played attack of the ‘The Citizen’.Red Star Belgrade-Olympiakos-four hours geleden63′ GOAL of Red Star Belgrade! 1-to-1

    The Serbs should take advantage of numbers up situation. Milos Vulic to slide the ball into the bottom right corner, and delivers at the end. For Olympiakos, it is a Moment from the La Parra has been in the field.The champions league holders Bayern Munich a one-hour geledenDe two goals from Serge Gnabry in the space of three minutes.

    Oh.. Play shows in the meantime voetballes to the North 🤕
    Serge Gnabry shoots in for a period of three minutes, the ball two times in a row, Hugo Lloris ⚽⚽
    #TOTBAY #CL #ZiggoSport

    AvatarAuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:18 – October 1, 2019Juventus-Bayer-Leverkusen-four hours geleden62′ GOAL in The competition! 2-0

    It seems to be decided to start. In reference to Higuaín shoots Bernardeschi’s 2-0 up against the ropes.The champions league holders Bayern Munich a one-hour geleden61′ GOAL until the Tottenham Hotspur! 2 to 4

    Harry Kane takes advantage of the good opportunity, and reduces the size of the margin of the English. The attacker puts the ball into the top right corner and Manuel Neuer may be, there is just not one of them.Red Star-Olympiakos-four hours geleden58′ RED for Olympiakos!

    Yassine Benzia picks up his second card, and it should be in the locker room look up. The Greeks, who are still in the lead should be the team’s ten-man game.The champions league holders Bayern Munich a one-hour geleden60′ free Kick to Tottenham!

    The ball is on the spot, for the British, the following is a violation of the ” Danny Rose Kingsley Coman.Lokomotiv-Half · a one-hour geleden58′ GOAL in Half! 0 to 2

    The Pitch will decide the match in Turin, italy. By Thomas ey is the 0-2 on the scoreboard, too.His side’s win over-Bayer-Leverkusen-four hours geleden57′ He is failing to take the lead for The serie a champions will have to double in size. The Portuguese are in hot pursuit of the ball is at the hands of the keeper-Lucas Hradecky on it.Lokomotiv-Half-one hour ago

    John Felix has been with for 19 years and 325 days, with the youngest goalscorer ever on the Trophy in the Champions League. Thus, he holds the record of Sergio Agüero (up to 20 years and 106 days off. Agüero made his first-ever European Trophy goal on the 16th of september, 2008, against PSV eindhoven.

    The champions league holders Bayern Munich a one-hour geleden55′ GOAL Bayern Munich! 1-4

    And, again, it’s a touch on for Serge Gnabry. This time he shoots over the post in, after you and Harry Winks of the ball and more touches.The champions league holders Bayern Munich a one-hour geleden53′ GOAL Bayern Munich! 1-3

    Serge Gnabry is enlarged, the advantage to Play early in the second half. The germans break through on the left, playing two-man and get the ball into the bottom right corner.The FOLLOWING one-hour geleden53′ GOAL PSG! From 0 to 1

    In the first half, PSG already had a number of chances before and after the calm is the time to touch it for the Parisians. Icardi is the end of a beautiful attack and open the score.Lokomotiv-Half · a one-hour geleden48′ GOAL in Atlético 0-1

    Three minutes after the break Atlético the lead. The first attempt by the Trainer, Felix, is yet to be turned on by Guilherme, but in the second instance, however, do not touch the Portuguese. It was his first Champions League goal, in the service of the vicente calderon.His side’s win over-Bayer-Leverkusen-four hours geleden48, ” The first danger after the break of that would end up. A shot distance from Aránguiz but it is just next to it.Champions League final-four-hour geleden46, ” There it is again, football in London, England-Bayern 1-2), Manchester City-Dynamo Zagreb and 0-0), Istanbül (Galatasaray-PSG 0-0), Belgrade, Red Star-Olympiacos 0-1), Turin (Juventus-Leverkusen 1-0) and Moscow (Lokomotiv-Athletic 0-0).The champions league holders Bayern Munich · 2-hour geledenRobert It has been on a roll this season.

    13 – Robert Lewandowski has scored 13 goals in just 10 appearances in all competitions for Bayern Munich this season, more than any other player in the big five European leagues. Ruthless.

    AvatarAuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen21:52 – October 1, 2019Tottenham Against Bayern Munich · 2-hour geledenRobert It led to his goal in a great action.

    WOW! The class does really It off 🤤
    That is the action that he and Vertonghen to finish and the finesse with which he hit the ball a little later hard mind 😍👏
    #TOTBAY #CL #ZiggoSport

    AvatarAuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen21:51 am – October 1, 2019Champions League · 2 hours ago there isPeace on the European fields. The performances are as follows:

    • A Move To Bayern (1-2)
    • Red Star-Olympiakos (0-1)
    • Galatasaray-PSG (0-0)
    • The City-Dinamo Zagreb (0-0)
    • Lokomotiv-Athletic (0-0)
    • The Leverkusen (1-0)

    The champions league holders Bayern Munich · 2-hour geleden45′ GOAL Bayern Munich! 1-2

    Just before half-time bringing on Robert Lewandowski, Der Rekordmeister’ on the edge. After a bit of flipperkastvoetbal in the penalty area the ball to the feet of the swimming Pool, which is just outside of the sixteen in the lower right corner to shoot.Lokomotiv-Half · 2 hours agoHalf in Moscow is much, much better than Lokomotiv, but goals will be scored in the RZD Arena. Among others, Morata and Diego Costa will face Lokomotiv goalkeeper Guilherme.Back to top

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