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nearvideo speaker Nancy Pelosi forced the Senate border bill package

House Democrats vote to approve the Senate’s version of humanitarian aid bill for migrants along the southern border; and chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel reports from Capitol Hill.

The musical stylings of Weird Al Yankovic rarely offer clarity on the status of legislation in Congress.

But Al’s Weird 1984 hit “Eat it” (a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”) was accidentally called to crystallize in the last week, the tricky Situation of house Democrats after the Senate approved a crucial border bill 84-8 expenditure.


House liberals were either to measure themselves against the Senate, in favor of their own – or accept the the the Senate.

In the midst of these deliberations, the former Senate Republican leader Trent Lott, a veteran of such dead-end streets, strolled through the Speaker’s Office late Wednesday afternoon, a Clique of reporters, guards stood in the hallway. Lott noted that, when he was still in the Senate – where the overwhelming 84-8 voice spoke volumes – it would be just a clear way.

“I would say, ‘it’s food, the house,'” Lott said with a laugh.

It is exactly what they did.

But not without a fiery fight first in the house Democratic Caucus, and is threatening to come burn for weeks and months.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faced a huge challenge as they tried to both alleviate the concerns from their left flank and engineer a law that could actually happen.


The house had agreed to the night its own version of the border legislation Tuesday, 230-195. But the Senate had to develop a different, more bipartisan legislation. Not so many controls, and also consequences for those with caring for children. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., the measure wrote in addition to Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the top Democrat on the panel. The Committee approved the bill 30-1. The Senate then followed with an amazing roll-call record of 84-8.


“The administration rejects what the house will do,” said Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. “We believe that you support what we do.”

The house of representatives and the Senate were out of alignment, the approval of competing bills. The front-runner for the last passage, however, was pretty obvious: The Senate secured more than 60 years, so that it can measure filibuster-proof, while the White house threatened a veto, the house.

The house still held the hope of engineering a revised bill on Thursday, as the plan came back across the Capitol from the Senate.

The administration did not move, however. McConnell wouldn’t budge. It looked bleak for the house bill, as it obviously was, the house, the Senate version, with most Republicans and many Democrats could approve.

But Democrats face an immediate problem, as the house began a pre-debate on the redesigned measure on Thursday afternoon. House rules allow it to choose the members, on something called “the adoption of the previous question.” In short, it is known as “PQ.” If the house approves the PQ, things are quite normal. However, if the house defeated the PQ, the minority take control of the floor for an hour and to call get, whatever laws it wants. The majority rarely loses a PQ voice. The house is still PQ (i.e., turn over the floor to the other side) is defeated since 2010. When the Republicans defeated the PQ, you would bring up the Senate bill. The loss of control over the ground in such a manner would be a huge embarrassment for the Democrats. But that was another possibility. It was connected in the vicinity of unanimity, the plan on the GOP side of the Senate, and dozens of Democrats who were willing to talk to you.


So, the house Democratic brain trust changed the course. Pelosi dashed off a letter to their colleagues.

“The children come first,” wrote Pelosi. “We need to ensure that the necessary resources for the protection of children are available. Therefore, we will not behave in the same engage in disrespectful, that the Senate had in ignoring our priorities. Resources to the children we passed on fastest, reluctantly, of the Senate.”

So, the Senate jammed the house. And Pelosi did not, because the mathematics was simply on their side.

The house ultimately, the Senate package 305-102 moved. Pelosi lost 95 Democrats. But, there were 129 democratic yeas. So, in spite of the sniping from the liberal wing of the Democratic caucus, Pelosi still marshaled a majority of the majority. But Pelosi was not on 217 votes (the magic number in the house now to pass bills), exclusively on the democratic side.

This is the same Problem that plagued former House speaker, John Boehner and Paul Ryan. You could not law a number of bills to move with only GOP support, when the Republicans were in the majority This was mainly due to the protestations of the house Freedom Caucus. So, Boehner and Ryan are often key pieces of legislation turned to the other side for the support to pass. Pelosi did the same on Thursday.

In a statement, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said: “what happened today is unacceptable, and we will not forget this treachery.”

A number of moderate Democrats in private, let their frustrations about the internal war among Democrats. A Democrat, said it was “shameful” and “not to do immoral” is “something”. A more moderate Democrat groused about the liberals placing a premium on “ideological purity.” A Democrat, noted that a ” Yes ” vote on the more tempered the Senate was a good vote for the moderate and conservative Democrats, the hard race in the year 2020. After all of the members from swing districts, why are the Democrats the house won.

A senior House Democratic leadership source told Fox News that some liberals understand why Pelosi did what she did. But the source noted that many of the very left-wing Democrats“. They will continue to push.” The source said some Democrats to take note of Pelosi to fight for the original house bill and lose only four Democrats. But the lead source also suggested that Pelosi should be another run to the theme. Maybe you pass retrofitted with the new bill, forcing McConnell to flush it back to the house then accepted the Senate package.

This could be a triggering moment for the Democrats. Your tent is large enough to accept both the liberals and the moderates? This is a distillation of what is going on nationally in the presidential contest. Democrats may control the house. You don’t have the Senate or the White house. And while the bill may not be perfect, it was the right measure for the most Democratic districts. By the same token, a ‘ no ‘ is the probability of the correct attitude for the legislature was for the most liberal of the parts of the city.

Earlier in the week, Rep. Tony cárdenas, D-Calif., was asked whether “perfection is the enemy of the good” in the border bill negotiations.


“I hate that expression,” said Cardenas. “You don’t want to settle for less than what you are capable of.”

Many liberal Democrats can rating with Cardenas the. Otto von Bismarck famously compared passing right sausage. And as both Weird Al, Trent Lott, and many house Democrats, now you know sometimes just have to eat it.

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