The selection of Romney would warn that as a betrayal, a Trump aide


WASHINGTON – A top-Donald Trump-adviser has warned that the President-elect-would feel trailer, “deceived”, when he knocked former Massachusetts Gov., Mitt Romney, as Secretary of state, a move that a once-fierce Trump critics in a powerful Cabinet post.

The comments from Kelly Anne Conway deepened have to push a highly unusual, by stopping some of Trump’s allies, the President-elect of the nominating Romney. The exceptional nature of the public expenses.of speculation stirred, it could attempt a trump card approved, to humiliate them, a prominent Republican, staunchly against him during the presidential campaign

Conway, who served as Trump’s campaign manager, and is part of his transition team, to resist said their opposition to Romney, what they have been for the hearing of Trump voters.

“People feel think cheated that Gov. Romney, who went out of their way to question the character and the intellect, and the integrity of Donald Trump, who is now our President-elect, would be given, the most important Cabinet post for all,” Conway said in one of several TV interviews on Sunday. She said that Romney was “anything but terrible,” trump for a year.

Conway against Romney also said, shared by Steve Bannon, the controversial conservative media executive, will serve as a Trump in the White house as a senior Advisor.

Trump is an avid consumer of TV news and his advisers and allies often use their performances to send messages, to Trump, or the Republican establishment. However, it is rare that Conway and other close advisors that speak, often with Trump to be private, so be explicit about your personal opinion in public.

Romney, the 2012 GOP nomination, vigorously Trump’s suitability for the presidency challenged, including his foreign policy credentials. In a comprehensive condemnation of the trump in March, Romney the business man said bombast was “alerting the allies and stir up the enmity of our enemies.”

Trump responded with ridicule Romney, calling him a “choker” and said he “runs like a penguin.”

The freeze between the two men appeared to thaw after she spoke by phone after the election. Romney then traveled to Trump’s New Jersey golf club for a private meeting to discuss the possibility of joining the administration.

After the meeting, Trump said, was impressed by the way that Romney “looks the part” is a globe-trotting diplomat, according to people in the vicinity of the transition.

In the nomination, Romney, Trump would be signaling his willingness to heal campaign wounds and reach out to traditionally, the Republicans, who were deeply skeptical of his experience and temperament. Romney is well-liked by GOP lawmakers and was supported by numerous Republican national-security experts during his failed White house bid.

But Conway is not suggested that these were reasons enough to nominate Romney as the nation’s top diplomat.

“I am for the unity of the party, but I’m not sure that we need to pay for with the Secretary of state position,” said Conway.

To discredit, in spite of the effort, to him, Romney says, is still interested in the service in Trump, the Cabinet, although the vicinity to recognize him, to Outdo his opposition during the campaign hurt his chances.

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was steadfastly loyal to trump in the course of the campaign quickly turned out as a front-runner for the Secretary of state of post and is still in the race. But also ask its foreign relations, as well as for its own public relations for the job — says you Trump break.

Giuliani said, frustrated by the way the process has unfolded, originally been led to believe, he would have his pick of jobs, according to the in the vicinity of the transition. You insisted on anonymity because they are entitled to publicly discuss the private deliberations.

Trump based his decision on his Secretary of state, apparently, not immediately before. And the tussle over Romney, and Giuliani has raised the possibility that Trump can go with a third option. His transition team has as Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton for the job.

People with knowledge of the transformation process, to say Trump is also considering retired Marine gen John Kelly for the post. Kelly met with the President-elect about a week ago.

Conway, appeared Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on ABC’s “This week” and CNN’s “State of the Union.”

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