The secretary of defense from U.S. Forces in Northern Syria, moved to Iraq in

In the nearly one thousand American troops are still in Northern Syria have to withdraw from, in the West of Iraq, is stationed there to assist in the fight against IS, says Us secretary of Defense Mark Esper Sunday morning.

The withdrawal from Syria will take not days, but weeks, according to Esper. “The current plan is to have those forces still in Iraq.” These troops will help defend Iraq, in a mission to carry out.

The plan, in the meantime, it is still subject to change, add Est to it. If the plan goes through, then, add to this the military is in support of American troops who have been in Iraq are based. There are training they are in the U.s. armed forces, and to assist them to IS militants to push back.

The announcement comes just days after a deal with the united states and Turkey had been closed. The countries were, inter alia, a cease-fire in the north-East of Syria, agreed. Turkey began an offensive in the border region, after the Us president, Donald Trump has decided to the American forces out of that area.

Turkey is fighting against Kurdish YPG, the militia to which the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to lead. Erdogan sees the Kurdish problem as an extension of the PKK, an organization of which one or more member countries as a terrorist group, is considered to be.

The Turks would counterattack, only to stop as the YPG has been completed. According to the American vice president, and Mike Pence, have Even been accepted as a departure from the north-East of Syria. The agreed-upon cease-fire the Kurds and the space to feel a real sense of the area and pull it back.

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Turkey talks of a ‘pause’

Turkish Foreign minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu is not a truce, but a pause. He stressed that Ankara, as a “safe zone” in the border areas to be able to manage. Pence believes that the store the zone in the long term, in the interests of both parties.

Turkey wants to be a strip of land 225 km long and 32 km wide, along the Turkish-Syrian border, to create. This section should be seen as a “‘buffer zone ‘ against terrorism” act. A few of the millions of Syrian refugees who are currently stay in Turkey, according to Ankara, and finally, this buffer zone to move around.

Furthermore, the United States of america and Turkey are agreed that it is the YPG that all heavy weapons should return, and that all of their items to be disposed. Est did Sunday, to know that the united states is still in contact with the YPG maintains.


What is the conflict between the Kurds and the Turks all come from?


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