The second fatal victim due to the ebola in the Congo city of Goma

Ebola in the Congolese city of Goma once again, a man’s death, to write to the AP and The New York Times on Wednesday.

With more than two million residents of Goma, the largest city hit by the epidemic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in place since August of last year, gets underway. In accordance with Ronald Kremer, medical Doctors without Borders in the Congo (DRC) has been a “dramatic scripts” as a disease of the city in its grip.

According to the ebolareactiecoördinator by Jean-Jacques Muyembe, there is no connection between the new victim and the deceased, the parish priest, who, two weeks before the ebola was diagnosed.

The parish priest was in the city of Butembo, where several cases of ebola have been detected, the bus had visited. The vehicle is sitting still, with eighteen other passengers, and it is unclear as to what was the matter with them.


Ebola outbreak in dr Congo: Why will the virus ever go back?

The ministry of Health urges citizens ‘to remain calm’

The ministry of Health said two weeks ago that it was verspreidingsrisico in a True “limited” is because of the disease from the first patient to be quickly identified. The ministry calls on people to “remain calm”.

A total of more than sixteen hundred people have died due to the current epidemic of drug abuse. In the African country broke up ten times before an ebola epidemic, the current outbreak is the world’s second-worst ever. Only in the period from 2014 to 2016, and the demands of the illness, the more victims of 11,300.


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