The Script displays a message with the album, ‘please Stop hating yourself

The Script brings up the following Friday after two years with a new album entitled Sunsets & Full Moons. The members of the band, who have a lot of female fans have noticed that a lot of them are insecure and want to be them, I have more self-esteem, with their music, says guitarist Mark Sheehan in conversation with

The topic of self-love at the core of their song, ” If You Don’t Love Yourself, says Sheehan. “In this social media-filled period of time, it seems the grass is always greener on the other one, but once you’re in, it’s just for a night.”

“If people dislike it, does that have anything to with their self-esteem. Even with my own wife I can be, and if they are thick to call it. We want to be people, with the message: please stop it with the hating to yourself.”

The members of the band will have a tough time at the back, which is where the band is singing on the new album. “There is no output without input. A lot has happened in the past few years, But (lead singer O’donoghue, ed.). his mother has lost it and is In Power, the drummer’s father,” says Sheehan. “But there are also some positive things that have happened: I’ve had a child, got it.”

The members of the band used the event to music, and, ultimately, nine of the songs came from. “They’re almost all in chronological order, and at the same time, they can hear us live over the past two years have been like.”

The first single to be released is The Last Time that fans will be told that it sounds like the beginning of The Script. “It’s not done on purpose,” says the guitarist.

“With our new music, we have been focusing more on the melody and the lyrics, and we are far away from the flourishes stayed away. We will have music, make – up, as we always do – you can use it as a way for us to heal, to process and to learn how to deal with difficult times. It is actually a kind of therapy.”


The Script For The Last Time

Hits will keep you on the job’

The Script is well known for its numerous hits, from their first ‘ The Man Who Can’t Be Moved to the Hall of Fame with, Superheroes, pictures of which, incidentally, all three have a permanent spot at the Top of the year 2000. Explains the huge success of a new piece of music?

“Certainly,” says the guitarist, who is the 20th and 21st of march, 2020, with his new band at the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome in position. “To be a hit, it helps you to rich halls, and, as it were, of the work.”

If a hit occurs, however, not just like that. “It’s the best thing you can do is to make a very good song-writing that resonates with you – then, and only then, can the fans also recognize. It’s as if you have your own, decent story, a song, translate it and then it becomes a hit. It feels as if all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place for you to fall.”

“It’s like the best of friends, we sometimes have arguments

The Script has now been more than eleven years, famous all over the world. Three of the band members in the years become good friends.

“You can’t be a very long career together, having no friends of his”, says Sheehan. “Once in a while, just like the best of friends, ever had an argument. We have had very intense things happened: we smoke and drank a lot, had a lot of parties, you know. However, we continued to be respected.”

In the first four years of their career, when they are within a very short period of time well known and have been made to the Irish quite a bit, downs it. “We are now, what our career is concerned, is settled now, and we know who we are, so we can make our sound, to be able to really embrace it. In the meantime, we have six albums, while the majority of bands do not even have three albums out.”

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