The Sacramento police officer, Tara O’sullivan, took a personal interest in the well-being of domestic violence victims

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The officer, Tara O’sullivan, was shot and killed at the scene of a domestic disturbance on the 19th of June, 2019 at the latest. O’sullivan had to be on the job for six months, and had yet to complete her training with the Sacramento Police Department in California. In honor of Tara, an animal lover, and a GoFundMe page has been set-up to the Sacramento K-9 Unit to purchase a dog.

For a Sacramento police officer, Tara O Sullivan, domestic violence calls are particularly important.

The 26-year-old, who is a graduate of the police academy in December, did not respond to the topic at hand, but also to take the extra step to work on is to reduce the risk of violence in the home, returned, and said to a fellow officer, who also described himself as a close friend of O’sullivan’s.

“Tara was meticulous when it came to domestic violence calls of service,” Officer Joshua Heredia said. “They were looking for the solution to all the domestic violence calls they went to in order to avoid the unnecessary domestic violence can take place in the future.”

However, while they are continuously working on the prevention of domestic violence, and it was during one such conversation on the 19th of may, O’sullivan was the victim of a domestic dispute.

The Sacramento Police Officer, Tara O’sullivan. The 26-year-old officer was killed during a domestic violence call on June 19. She is a graduate of the police academy in December. (Sacramento Police department via AP)

O’sullivan, who was one of several officers on the scene was into the garden to help the woman who has threatened to leave the house. Nobility, and Sambrano, Ramos, who is inside the house, the shot that O’sullivan with a gun and fired at the other officers, who had to take cover, and could not get to their injured friend. O’sullivan was lying injured on the ground for more than 30 minutes until the police arrived in an armoured car and they were able to remove it from her. She died in the hospital.

“The evil showed its face in our city,” said Sacramento police chief Daniel Hahn at her memorial service. “Tara and her partners have done. They have to respond to someone in need, no matter what the circumstances.”

O’sullivan was the first of a Sacramento police officer, was killed in the line of duty in over 20 years.


“Tara was passionate about listening to other people,” Heredia said. “I don’t think there’s a point in Tara’s life, where they don’t have to reach to someone who looked like they needed help. Tara had a special skill for listening to people’s problems, and she didn’t want to hear what was being said. Tara understood what was wrong, and she always found a way to help those around us.”

With their eyes still closed, Kelly and Denis O’sullivan, the parents of slain Sacramento officer) Tara O’sullivan, press and hold in the hands during a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., On Tuesday, The 25th Of June, 2019 At The Latest. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

O’sullivan’s death is a reflection of the fatal shooting of a young, California director, Natalie Corona, who was just 22, and also at the start of her career, when she was assaulted in January.

The agreements signed touched on Corona’s father, Jose, their Two Coronas, a retired sheriff’s deputy who was forced to go to O’sullivan’s funeral.

“I talked to Tara’s parents, and we all hugged each other,” Corona said. “There were a lot of similarities between them, and lightning struck twice in our area. They were two of the most beautiful, athletic, dedicated officers will be taken at the latest fashion.”

A lot of events to pay tribute to the O ‘ Sullivan, has been held since her death, and a lot of training. In one case, the participants in the 26 burpees for a woman her age, and a myriad of other exercises as well.

“She was, by far, the most passionate person when it comes to the life time fitness training,” Heredia said. “She was continually exceeding its limits, and I’ve always been amazed at how hard she was pushing herself. I was caught off-guard when we put on the performance of the tests, and she was going to set a new personal record for himself in the time and practice for her to beat this new personal records in the next 30 days.”

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