‘The Russian army to bring the christians under pressure to ‘Nova Zembla’

A Russian activist by the military under pressure to an air base on the remote Russian island of Nova Zembla brought in, ” says opposition leader Alexei Navalny on Wednesday.

The activist Ruslan Shaveddinov is to go to Nova Zembla, because he was, according to the army, his military service could avoid it. The archipelago is situated some 2,000 kilometres north of Moscow.

Navalny, the main opposition leader in Belarus. Shaveddinov helped him during his election campaign in 2018, and to present a television programme of the opposition. He has worked for the anticorruptieorganisatie of Navalny as a project manager at the time, that he had been arrested.

This past Monday, it was Shaveddinov arrested in his apartment in Moscow, russia. Security forces forced them out the door, and switched the electricity off. The sim card was remotely disabled.

From Nova Zembla, called Shaveddinov on Wednesday for Navalny with a borrowed phone. He would have his army on an air force base on an Arctic island is to live it, and would be under the constant supervision of a soldier, which led him to the shower room, follow these steps. His cell phone was seized.

The location of Nova Zembla (Picture: Google Maps).

What have you done?

In Russia, there is a mandatory military service of twelve months for all males between the ages of 18 and 27. Shaveddinov was to take an appeal based on medical grounds, but lost out on that Monday with a lawsuit.

Navalny insists the activist is a disease, which he exempts from the mandatory military service. It is said that the military is being used to bring people illegally, and talk of a kidnapping.

Russian ordetroepen arrest Shaveddinov during a protest against the government on the 12th of June, 2017 (Picture: Reuters).

Authorities say that the action is legal

Activists of the Russian opposition has compared the action with the way that dissidents in the former Soviet Union and tsarist Russia, to the far-flung corners of the country and were being deported.

Colonel, It Loktev says that the Shaveddinov that the army was trying to escape, the court held that his military service must have to sit out.

“When it comes to the military, trying to escape, he would break the Russian law,” said a spokesman for the Kremlin. In this case, according to the spokesperson, “all in accordance with the law, and successful”.

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