The Ring-director hopes day sauna for good to ruin with new film

The Ring-director hopes day sauna for good to ruin with new film

The Ring director Gore Verbinski hopes to be there with his new horror film A cure for wellness to ensure that people are never more carefree, a trip to the sauna.

“I thought it was wonderful to have such a serene environment to deteriorate,” says Verbinski to

In A cure for wellness, the main character is Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) to a spa in the Swiss Alps to the boss of the company for which he works to bring back to Wall Street. Pretty soon, he comes to the discovery that things are not right in the spa centre.

“There is something fijns”, says Verbinski about the sterile environment in which the film takes place. “I worked with the idea of ‘the louder you yell, the finer it is, if someone you a hot towel and a pair of slippers gives’.”

Actor Dane DeHaan noted himself that he was no longer carefree could enjoy a massage when he last to the sauna went. “There was music to hear that was meant for relaxation, but actually I was completely crazy,” confesses the actor. “I had never before realized just how much horrormuziek and saunamuziek similar to each other.”

Director, The Ring will stop all of his fears in new horror movie

Psychological experiment

The 52-year-old Verbinski, who in addition to The Ring, including three Pirates of the Caribbean-films directed, was happy to return to the horror genre. “With horror you can the public submit to psychological experiments. In this film you see the patient, Lockhart, in a sanitarium. But actually, the viewer is the patient. We use image and sound to be as it were in you to crawl and to a particular effect.”

The genre of the film clearly had its impact on the atmosphere during the run. “There was a little laugh,” says Verbinski. “Everyone was very focused.”

“It was pretty intense”, says DeHaan. “There were few jokes made. But in a way, we also had fun, because we had a common goal. It was as if we were family that something special wanted to make. There were a lot of sleepless nights and nightmares, but that was part of the film.”

DeHaan found the scene where he in a water tank is stopped, one of the toughest parts of the film. “I was two weeks in that tank,” says the 31-year-old actor. “I breathed through an oxygen tube and my eyes and nose were not covered. It was very crazy and sometimes a bit dangerous.”


In A cure for wellness, different fears past, such as being held against your will. Verbinski sees a horror film as the ultimate way to his own fears to bring together. “That is fine, you may have your personal nightmares to share with the rest of the world. Whether it’s to drown, the dentist, a great fire, or the slipping of snakes: these are all things I wake up in the night fright.”

For DeHaan forming roller coasters a personal nightmare. “I am terrified of roller coasters. If I were in that kind of thing go upstairs, I get really a panic attack. I know that it is an unfounded fear, but it is my biggest fear.”

About once in five years does anyone know the actor is yet to convince me to go on a roller coaster. “Afterwards, it appears it is always a mistake. I ask me seriously sometimes or I’m in a movie would want to play if there are scenes in a roller-coaster ride in to prevent it.”

A cure for wellness runs from Thursday in the biosopen.

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