The returned Fisherman saw Orange after exile as a ‘closed book’

The returned Fisherman saw Orange after exile as a ‘closed book’

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Maura Visser held no longer that they ever have for the Dutch handball team would come out after they in 2011, clashed with former coach Henk Groener. Under the new coach Helle Thomsen makes the 31-year-old Hague is now still on for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS that start on Sunday in Sweden.

“The call of Thomsen came unexpectedly. Orange was actually a closed book for me,” says Visser, who, five years ago, one of the most important players of the team, but after the elimination at the world cup in Brazil was a mistake.

“In the heat of battle, I have said things that I shouldn’t have to say”, she said, there about earlier. Greener did then never call her.

With Thomsen has Fisherman not spoken about what happened in 2011 happened. “Helle said that she was not interested in the past, but in the future. I indicated that I it is always an honor to have found to be for Orange to play. And now I’m back.”

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German passport

Initially hoped Fisherman, yet on a return in Orange under Greener. “I have for a long time, a lot of energy With two adult people, I think: this can be a time the world from talking. There is also, however, been contact, but such a conversation never took place. At a given moment, I have therefore accepted that I never more for Orange would play.”

For Visser, it was even an option to her interlandloopbaan to continue in Germany, where she is now at SG BBM Bietigheim, under contract, and previously at HC Leipzig played.

“I have spoken about, also with the German national coach. It was investigated whether it was possible, but because of rules changed, I had my Dutch passport to hand and only with a German passport to go further. I didn’t want that. That went too far.”

Although Visser had accepted that they no more Orange would play, she would prefer not to give the Dutch team, who last year cleverly second was at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS and fourth at the Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“Of course, I found it cool that the last couple of years it went so well with the team. But it was difficult for me when the team were preparing for Rio, that was also my dream. I have during the Play is consciously chosen to not look. Did that to a lot of pain, even though I had Orange out of my head.”

Tokyo 2020

When Greener after the Games left as coach, thought the Fisherman had not yet returned. “Only after the phone call from the new coach came the thought: wow, maybe I will the shirt of the Netherlands. I I was glad, but also surprised.”

Even with 125 international matches behind her name, I felt for the Fisherman this week crazy to get back in to Orange. “It was a bit like I was as a child in a new class, the townspeople, even though I knew the girls still earlier in Orange or the clubs. But I am well taken care of. They were happy to see me again.”

About the problems of five years ago is no longer spoken. “No one had, according to me the need to be there to speak. I want now to look to the future and as a possible EK play.”

A lot of it also looks Visser, not yet. They expected in any case not to go to the Games of Tokyo in 2020.

“About four years, I am 35 and I do not think that my body still holds. I already have cartilage damage in my knee. At a given moment, it is time for a life after the handball and that moment is getting closer. Currently, I see that yet kidney further than next summer. But first I want a EK play it and enjoy it, that I’m back in Orange play.”

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