The Republicans hope that it does for the charge in US-British relations than Boris Johnson the power

nearvideo trump praises Boris Johnson as “Britain Trump’

Washington Times-opinion editor Charles reacts Injured on the comparison and the Johnson ‘ s plans for Brexit.

As Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister accepts Minister, President of Trump and his allies in Congress and hope that the relations of America to improve closest allies-after a rocky couple of months.

“Well, I think the future has never been brighter for the special relationship,” Rep. George Holding, R-N. C., the ranking Republican of the British American group and co-Chairman of the Congressional United Kingdom Caucus, told Fox News on Thursday.


Johnson replaced the former Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday after the victory of the Conservative party leadership race to succeed her. Johnson was vocal in the last few years, with its support for close relations with the United States and his support of trump.

“[Trump] is in office was elected by millions of Americans – not bad people, but, on the whole, good and kind to people with whom we are connected by old ties of blood and friendship, and with whom we have the most exceptional economic relations,” he said in an op-defend ed in the last year, Trump’s visit to the country.

In Parliament on Thursday, criticising opposition Labour y leader Jeremy Corbyn, Johnson said the veteran is left-winger “is happening again and again sides with the mullahs of Tehran rather than our friends in the United States about what is in the Persian Gulf.”

Trump himself has long been his close ties with Johnson, especially on the issue of Brexit Johnson sat for the UK, the departure from the E. U. and is likely to have his eye on a much-anticipated and decisive US-UK-trade-deal after leaving the Blocks and can make its own trading agreements.

To pull Johnson has promised the UK out of the Block, the end of October, with or without a deal-a contrast with, who repeatedly declared, that the meaning of leave, with a deal in place, and who is allowed to Britain’s exit has been delayed several times.

Trump supports his boisterous counterpart during the country, the Conservative party leadership race, and this week comparing Johnson to himself.

“He is a good man, he is tough and he is smart,” he said at a turning point USA event on Wednesday. “They call him ‘the UK trump’ and the people say that is a good thing.”

“It is what you need, he’ll get it done, Boris is good, he will do a good job,” he said.

It marked a sharp contrast with his current interactions with a Can, he exits as a “foolish” in their approach to the handling of UK EU and for ignoring his advice to sue E. U.

“I told [Can], how to do that a lot, but they moved in their own stupid way-was able to get it done,” he tweeted this month. “A Catastrophe.”

In these tweets, he also stood out in the UK’s Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch to leaking pipes showed Darroch Trump administration “diplomatically clumsy and unable to be called” and said he doubted he would normally, “much more.”

“The crazy Ambassador that Britain has not shifted to the United States, someone we are thrilled to be a very stupid guy. He should speak to his country, and the Prime Minister, about their failed Brexit negotiation, and do not be angry with my criticism of how badly he was treated,” Trump responded.

You may support your Ambassador, but Johnson — a Conservative party in the leadership debate — which is not wanted. On the morning after the debate, Darroch announced.


“We don’t want the whole special relationship on the edge, because of a line to a person. We have nothing to gain, said of an active spat with the White house,” an ally of Johnson, The Times of London.

Johnson is obvious that partisanship to trump solved the Problem of anger from the opposition Labour MPs, and with members of his own party, but have rather strengthened ties with Trump at a crucial time for U.S.-British relations.


Rep. Holds not agree with the statement that the U. S-British relations had deteriorated, under the circumstances — “you have good days and bad days, but the relationship remains stable” – but, said Johnson is well-positioned to be “perfect” to be the relationship forward with what he described as a positive vision for the country.

“He wants the United Kingdom is the largest country in the world, and this is a similar vision that the President of the United States, and I believe that, if you have a positive vision, you embrace the things that made the UK great and the things that the United States have made a large-capitalism, entrepreneurship, freedom-these are the things that bring us forward and connect us,” he said.

Trump is probably a good personal relationship with the Johnson. Both were born in New York (Johnson renounced his American citizenship a few years ago), and both bring a populist coloration to right-wing parties — known for its aversion to political correctness, and a variety of political controversy and atypical approach to governance.

Holding, said that the personal relations, especially if the spin-off, a deal on trade, which is vital to be able to.

“Often, trade agreements moths ‘small p’ policy, the individual policy of the various members and their electorate, but if you have a personal relationship with their colleagues across the pond, then you are in a better position to see their perspective and their ‘small p’ policy, and your constituency, and you are able to overcome the stumbling blocks that often hold up the trade agreement and get on the road to a more smooth and seamless relationship,” he said.


The Congressman also said his enthusiasm for the future of the special relationship shared by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill.

“The special relationship, it is assumed that on a bipartisan level, and I don’t see any partisan divide, those who think that the special relationship is good and anyone who thinks the Prime Minister is not better, I know it really,” he said.

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