The Republicans are demanding answers over claims by Obama and the Hezbollah gave a pass to

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Obama has let Hezbollah off the hook to seal Iran nuke deal?

Former State Department press officer Morgan Ortagus offers an insight.

A growing number of Republicans on Capitol Hill are demanding answers after an investigative report claims this week, the Obama administration gave a free pass for Hezbollah’s drug trafficking and money laundering operations to help ensure that the Iran nuclear deal would remain on the track.

“If the Obama administration could not use the authorities that Congress has approved to stop Hezbollah terrorists and their staff pour the cocaine on our streets to Fund terrorism and weapons of mass destruction acquire, it was a colossal error,” Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse wrote in a Thursday letter to the justice, Treasury and State departments, the application of the “answers to these troubling allegations.”

Sasse added: “If the administration made it so in order to support his misguided nuclear deal with Iran, it was a mistake of historic proportions, a mistake that the consequences range from the battlefields of Syria to the streets of Omaha, and in Scottsbluff.”


Rep. Pittenger demands probe in Obama WH-Hezbollah-report

Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Ron DeSantis of Florida, two Republicans on the House Oversight Committee, sent attorney General Jeff Sessions, a letter on Thursday about the report asks the justice Department to turn over documents and other related records.

“We have a responsibility to assess whether or not these allegations are true, and if so, has wrote to the administration to undermine U.S. law enforcement authorities and a threat to national security,” the lawmakers in the letter.


According to a bomb exposé Politically on the Sunday, an elaborate campaign by the Drug Enforcement Administration, known as the Cassandra project, specifically the Lebanese militant group’s criminal activities.

But if the Cassandra project-leader, which delayed the development of the DEA-facility in Chantilly, Virginia, sought admission for some important investigations, prosecutions, arrests and financial penalties, the judiciary and the Ministry of Finance officials, hindered or refused their requests, according to Politico.

“This was a political decision, it’s a systematic decision,” David Asher, the half-the Cassandra project as a defense-Department of the illegal finance analyst in 2008, told Politico. “You serially torn this whole effort, which was very well supported with resources, and it happened from the top to the bottom.”

In its letter to the Ministry of justice, Jordan, and DeSantis a variety of documents required, including records in connection with the project, Cassandra and the DEA’s law enforcement efforts in the fight against Hezbollah.

Since the report surfaced of former Obama administration officials dismissed the allegations as false have to a large extent.

“There are a lot of reasonable criticism of Obama’s foreign policy,” former Obama administration official Tommy Vietor tweeted. “The idea that he was soft on the Hezbollah is not one of them. The story is made out of thin air, to push back that it’s hard to say except that it is a figment of the imagination of two very defective sources.”

There are many reasonable criticisms of Obama’s foreign policy. The idea that he was soft on the Hezbollah is not one of them. The story is made out of thin air, to push back that it’s hard to say except that it is a figment of the imagination of two very poor sources.

— Tommy Vietor (@TVietor08) December 20, 2017

But the Republicans say they want detailed answers.

Rep. Robert Pittenger, R-N. C., requesting in a letter to House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy is a study in this week.

“These revelations are shocking and annoying,” Pittenger said in a statement to Fox News. “While the American soldiers fighting were brave the ISIS terrorists, with some paying the ultimate price, the Obama administration, according to reports, the protection of Hezbollah terrorists, were to Fund themselves by trafficking in, illegal drugs. No wonder that President Obama could not overcome to call them ” Radical Islamic terrorists.'”

Gowdy later said on Fox News this week that the allegations are “worthy of investigation.”

“It is an incredible accusation that the administration would ignore a terrorist group, because they sought the favor of another terrorist group,” said South Carolina Republican. “It is fire and it is worthy of investigation.”

Gowdy added, “If it is true, is it looking for a pretty damning indictment of Obama’s following a legacy, and his willingness to do anything to get one.”

Fox News’ Frank miles contributed to this report.

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