The red Cross will give you tips about the lake: ‘Inhale in the sitting position’

The Red Cross is going to you give suggestions on the use of nitrous oxide, and other drugs. The organization shows that more and more people are best to use, and, therefore, the risks of the drug, as much as he can. Emergency responders want to make sure that party-goers at the first-aid post to go.

In order to minimize the risk, it is important to have nitrous oxide in sitting down to draw. In addition, it is important to take the gas directly from a tank, cartridge or syringe, on its own, and because of this, or frozen lungs, or the lips can be made.

First aid first aid instructor for the Red Cross in His van Driel warned it is a combination of nitrous oxide and alcohol. “This combination will bring additional risks with them. The Alcohol and the nitrous oxide to work in anaesthetic, making the ademprikkel will be. This can lead to a lack of oxygen.”

“The best advice is, of course, is not to be used,” says Marjan Heuving of the Trimbos institute. “If you want to use, some precautions must be taken to ensure that the risks are smaller.” They said that the nitrous oxide will be easy to obtain, and the dangers, limited, as it does indeed exist.

All of the tips and the risks of laughing gas, can be found on the website of the Red Cross (icrc). They are also distributed through social media.


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