The reason why more and more doctors ‘ food as medicine

After that, the focus for a long period of time, especially of medication was in place, there is now a change is coming, says the specialist, Yvo Sijpkens. He has for eight months of the diet as a medical intervention for chronic diseases.

You are the author of twenty-five years of medications for. How did you come to be convinced of the importance of food and nutrition?

“I am still in therapy for. But since I have been feeding more in tune, there are a lot of people with less and less medication to. Some of these patients have diabetes or hypertension, and can even completely stop it.”

“I was convinced when I, myself, have pre-diabetes turned out to have been. Despite the earlier loss of weight and intense exercise, my glucose and insulin was shown to be too high. It is only when I have a patient whose kidney disease is significantly improved, and a book on low carbohydrate living’ was, the penny dropped, and I was able to have my blood sugar be low.”

What is your vision?

“A lot of people think of chronic diseases as they grow older and talent and being overweight are the central focus. It’s not just about the calories, but also because of the body’s metabolism. It is mainly our eating habits, which impact on the processes and hormone levels in the body.

“A lot of people think that chronic diseases in old age are to be heard”
Yvo Sijpkens, uinternist

“And if that is out of balance, illness can arise that are related, such as obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, high blood pressure, and hardening of the arteries.”

What habits are for?

“We are going to eat from a young age, and often a lot of carbohydrates. Not only the sugars but also starches. Also, I am at in my life at each and every meal in between, the carbohydrates: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and vegetables.”

Why is that not good?

“Carbs are not unhealthy. That is, they are only as the body becomes more and more insulin is needed to process them. Smoking, inactivity, stress, sleep, and zonlichttekort can be seen as fuel to the fire, causing high levels of glucose and insulin levels will gradually increase and chronic diseases can arise.”

Do you notice anything about this?

“Too little light, waist circumference, and weight gradually increases. With blood checks that creeps in fasting glucose levels, but will slowly move up. Insulin levels are not measured.”

“You can do so for many years in the pre-stage of diabetes to the state. But it is not until we have the disease once you have it, we are “sick” and we get into the action. While that is really the tip of the iceberg. With the lifestyle we can have something to do, and that is that we don’t fall ill.”

According to the specialist, you can in the early stages of the diabetic state, but the majority of people only take action when they are really sick. (Photo: Getty Images)

If so, how?

“By the koolhydraatbeperkt to eat and live well. Therefore, you have to hold your glucose as your insulin levels are low. It does, however, require the absence of excess of sugars and starches. These products are easy to be replaced by the more unprocessed “real” foods, such as yogurt, butter, milk, cheese, eggs, nuts, meat, fish, seafood, chicken, and vegetables.”

“Our bodies can work very well on protein and fat”
Yvo Sijpkens, Internist.

“This is also very important: do not eat more than three times a day, and are useful in providing food for the less than eight hours. Then, the body to sixteen hours in order to recover. That work is the best breakfast to them.”

However, we still need carbohydrates?

“Our bodies can work very well on protein and fat metabolism. Even strenuous exercise can be done without carbs. The body can create glucose and switches to burning fat. In addition, the so-called ketones are released, which, as a good fuel for the brain, heart, and muscles.”

Is that the ketogenic diet is that the patients dedication?

“Ketogenic, it is the strict version of koolhydraatbeperking. I put it up alone, if necessary, and, if they so wish. Patients who are switching to the ‘keto’ will be on animal and plant-based proteins and fats. Is that the diet is easy to maintain. After a period of time, increases the sensitivity to insulin often arise, there is space for some-more whole grains and vegetables.”

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The use of grease is not unhealthy?

“If your body is used to the full, instead of the carbs. These fats are not stored but used for energy. High insulin levels prevent the stored fat loss. This is for those with diabetes be much more difficult to lose weight.”

“The ketogenic diet is to pick up the insulin levels, and increases the feeling of hunger decreases. Its own fat stores and, finally, energy and weight loss work suddenly do. Make people feel good, and most of the blood is improving.”

Everyone can just move on to the ketogenic diet?

“The ketogenic diet may be overweight, either independently or under the supervision of a dietitian. But if you take, for example, diabetes or bloeddrukmedicijnen, then more care is needed. The diet has an influence on the blood sugar levels and blood pressure.”

What does the future look like?

Patients will increasingly have to ask whether it will start. Websites and are already well known. Doctors are in a ketogene lifestyle, but gradually embraced it. That is a good one. I was also not very familiar with it.”

“You know, I have a feeling that we are just at the beginning of the voedingsrevolutie. A healthy diet seems to be the key to the spread of chronic diseases and, thus, the cost of healthcare.”

Yvo Sijpkens, is if the specialist is connected to the the Hague Medical Centre

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