The reactions after the matches of Dutch clubs in the Europa League

In the play-offs of the Europa League, met Thursday with three Dutch clubs for the people to take action. We’re going to beat Hapoel Be’er Sheva (3-0), PSV were too strong for Apollon Limassol (3-0) and AZ played the same against the FC (1-to-1). Track all the heenduels in our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League! We are one of Anne van Eijk and Jeroen van Barneveld to keep you up to date with the matches of the Dutch club in the play-offs, and the end of the line for placement in the group stage.

  • The Europa League
  • The Play-offs
  • Heenwedstrijden
  • Results:
  • Club-Hapoel Be’er Sheeva 3-0
  • PSV-Apollon Limassol 3-0
  • AZ-Royal-Antwerp – 1-to-1

AZ-Royal Antwerp·, and 7 minutes ago inWork to be done in terms of finishing,’
“It is good”, and acknowledges that E-leader, How Koopmeiners, after the 1-to-1 against Royal Antwerp. “A tough team, especially with a physical team. That, as you can see in the game, and there were riots and a lot of men at the front. But we have created have very many opportunities to have their weaknesses laid bare. Through the sides, we created a lot of chances. In addition to the eindpass just does not look right. Fortunately, in the end, though. We come to you so often, and we came here with a victory, the way to go,” says Koopmeiners, who have the finger on the sore spot, was able to record it. “It was a bit like that eindpass. The position for this was not a good one. There is work to be done in regards to the finish.”PSV-Apollon Limassol · an 8-minute geledenMooie set for PSV eindhoven goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet

3 – @PSV eindhoven have kept a clean sheet in three consecutive European matches for the first time since 2014. Sweet.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen22:27 pm – August 22, 2019Europa League · is a 9-minute geledenEen a good night for the Netherlands in Europe.

✅Victory, PSV
✅Winning Team
✅A-Z have a good chance of success
The netherlands, Austria over 🎉🎉. Eleven, and now, the top ten is achievable this season.

AvatarAuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen22:19 – August 22, 2019PSV-Apollon Limassol · 13 minutes ago,PSV put, a big step in the direction of team EL
MANU has done good business in the battle for a spot in the main draw of the champions League. The Locals won the home match against Apollon Limassol by 3-0 due to goals from Mohamed Ihattaren, Cody Gakpo, and want to know the Dumfries. Next week in Cyprus, it should PSV win to convert into seating for the group stage of the Europa League.PSV-Apollon Limassol · 15 minutes to geleden90+2′ Apollon Limassol, will have a chance to give back and to do that, but Markovic shoots the free-kick into the wall.PSV-Apollon Limassol · 16-geleden90′ – The stoppage time is four minutes.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · is a 16-minute ago, theDominant a-Z bites a piece at the Royal Antwerp
A-Z is not able of himself in a good position to provide information about the fight to get a ticket to the group stage of the Europa League. The Alkmaarders bite you in the heenwedstrijd in Enschede, the netherlands-piece to the edge of the Royal Antwerp: 1-to-1. The Belgians in the first half, against the aspect ratio in the lead thanks to a goal in the Dylan Batubinsika. Only if the Gaffer is with ten-man after the red card to Aurelio Buta, rated in the leading a-Z by Myron still doing it. In next week’s return in Brussels, belgium.PSV-Apollon Limassol · is a 17-minute geleden90′ Switch to PSV eindhoven. Toni, Right, replaces Olivier Boscagli.PSV-Apollon Limassol · an 18-minute geleden89′ Donyell Malen, there is a great chance for the 4-0 lead. Dumfries gives you the ball, and Times will be released to the keeper, but he moves the ball next to the goal.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · is a 20-minute geleden90 Almost! Myron still doing it, makes a bicycle kick, but the place is just wrong, and it hits the ball of the Idrissi’s not.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · a 21-minute drive geleden89′ Midstjø, it is now very close to a match, but he, too, is one of Belgian’s leg on the way.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · 23-geleden87 there Is not a Belgian to be in the way, or the other players. Oussama Idrissi, shoot a dangerous one, but aimed at the back of the Calvin Stengs.PSV-Apollon Limassol · 23-geleden84′ Learn Gakpo to leave the field. Jorrit Hendrix is the six-minute take part in the competition.PSV-Apollon Limassol · 27 minutes ago81 We recently presented and already in the field and in the sent to: Kostas Mitroglou. The Greek is lost, the creator of the 1-0, Ihattaren off.PSV-Apollon Limassol · a 28-minute geleden78′ a Great chance for Apollon Limassol. Papoulis is pretty Fresh, but the PSV keeper and knows his goal is to keep it clean.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · 29 minutes ago83′ GOAL in AZ! 1-to-1

The relief was great from a-Z after the end of the Myron still doing it. The striker taps the ball from Oussama Idrissi airport is already rolling in. The Alkmaarders to have a little, ten minutes, to make a hole with Royal Antwerp.AZ-Royal-Antwerp-a 30-minute geleden80′ a-Z has had about ten minutes to get to the wall, from Royal Antwerp, should be demolished. The Belgians had to defend tooth and nail the 0 to 1-gap.PSV-Apollon Limassol · 31 minutes and geleden76′ PSV there were four of us, but Gakpo know his team mates could not be reached.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · a 32-minute geleden77′ a-Z you can shoot what it wants to be, but it consistently ends up with the ball in a sea of Royal Antwerp players. It’ll have to wait for creative inspiration, the bewierookte attackers.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · a 33-minute geleden76′ Bill of exchange from a-Z: Jonas Svensson will give the baton of Bjorn Johnson. A-Z is a Norwegian crow, va-bank play.PSV-Apollon Limassol · 34 minutes geleden73′ for The PSV-supporters have their attention, be easy to keep track of. Substitute player Fotis Papoulis dribbles past two men in the penalty box and the other substitute, Facundo Pereyra, and blasts the ball just in front of.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · a 34-minute geleden74′ Suddenly cuts off to Royal Antwerp, with the hot knife through the Cheese and butter should be the goalkeeper Marco Bizot in the action. And he does that extremely well, with the feet, and guard from a-Z to be a risky position to be in, the return on investment.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · 36 minutes agoFive people have been arrested around the Z-Royal Antwerp
Meanwhile, short of the fact that the police department in Enschede, the netherlands, five men have been arrested which include heavy duty gloves, and a baseball bat with them. In the stadium it plays in AZ, against Royal Antwerp FC in the group stage of the Europa League. Supporters of the Belgian club are not welcome. As the mayor of a noodbevel has been set, do the police have a lot of control on the people and the cars, in order to be able to maintain it.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · is 37 minutes geleden72′ Red-Royal Antwerp! Aurelio Buta collects his second yellow card of the game, and go to take a shower. Royal Antwerp have ten people opposed to the right. In a stroke of luck for the Alkmaarders, in their hunt for the equalizer.PSV-Apollon Limassol · a 38-minute geleden68′ Apollon Limassol is trying to turn the tide with two points. Giannis Gianniotas is on the field is removed. In its place is now a Facundo Pereyra on the field. Adrian Sardinero, the field must be abandoned in favor of Fotis Papoulis.PSV-Apollon Limassol · 40 minutes geleden66 Again, a chance for the player, but Ihattaren met with the defense of Apollon Limassol. Of times get the ball, then it is not under my control.AZ-Royal-Antwerp – · a 41-minute geleden68 the ” Second bill of exchange from a-Z:Pantelis Hatzidiakos is to be replaced by Yukinari Sugawara. How Koopmeiners, slide a line back to the line of defense.PSV-Apollon Limassol-four hours ago,61′ GOAL in PSV’s! 3-0

Denzel Dumfries place PSV eindhoven to a 3-0-lead. With the announcement of the Olivier Boscagli is missed by a defender and the goalkeeper of Apollon Limassol, leaving Dumfries to him for an open goal to shoot.PSV-Apollon Limassol · a one-hour geleden61′ Apollon Limassol, will now no longer be under the pressure of the PSV is coming from. The club from the island of Cyprus is close to the five minutes of the match down.PSV-Apollon Limassol · a one-hour geledenZo celebration of the PSV-supporters, the edge of the box by Mohamed Ihattaren.

Goals: the song is you 17.
MO, MO, MO, MO, MO, MO! 🎶

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen21:41 pm – August 22, 2019AZ-Royal-Antwerp-four hours geleden60′ the First bill in AZ: Thomas Ouwejan leave the field, Albert, Gudmundsson. Trainer, He Finally decides to have a piece of aanvallender to go out and play.PSV-Apollon Limassol-four hours ago,56′ GOAL in PSV’s! 2-0

Learn Gakpo turn off the PSV, with a beautiful swing on a 2-0. He is on the right, go inside, and let the keeper of the Mall won’t stand a chance with a placed shot in the upper right-hand corner.AZ-Royal-Antwerp-four hours geleden58′ Oussama Idrissi airport, it is the player that is the goal of Royal Antwerp, are under attack take it. Once again, the better of the Belgians, is the answer to a question in the house. When know the a-Z of the wall of the visitor to take?PSV-Apollon Limassol · a one-hour geleden54′ is Now an option for Apollon Limassol in the second half. Serge Gakpé will shoot the ball well in the zijnet.PSV-Apollon Limassol · a one-hour geleden53′ Apollon Limassol tries to do the same, but it doesn’t come close to that of Fresh water.AZ-Royal-Antwerp-four hours geleden55′ – Z fails to do for itself again, reward with a goal. Again, Calvin Stengs, a chance, and is he aiming to be in the hands of the Royal Antwerp goalkeeper Sinan Bolat.AZ-Royal-Antwerp-four hours geleden51′ Post! A-Z escapes, but Lior Refaelov is aiming for, on behalf of the Royal Antwerp for the ball to hit the ball.Club-Hapoel Be’er Sheva-four hours ago, toa Tribe: “We have confidently played’
Trainer Jaap Stam was delighted with the 3-0 victory of his team Hapoel Be’er Sheva. “We have confidently played. Fresh, initiatiefnemend, be aggressive. We have really done it. Hapoel Be’er Sheva is a team that will also have properties, which you can see if they are going to play football. We have kept shut, creating chances, and will make it three,” said the Tribe in Veronica mars. The Team coach may sound annoyed when the reporter noted that the rating had to be allowed to fail. “There’s always a but, there is always a but. That way you can always keep going. If you are filling it if the striker’s good at,” said sam, who also knows that “It can’t be more wrong.”PSV-Apollon Limassol-four hours ago –47′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-0

Mohamed Ihattaren turn on the PSV right after a rest at the edge. Donyell Malen, a good cross from the right-hand side, Ihattaren get the ball expertly inside.PSV-Apollon Limassol-four hours ago, toKick-off! PSV eindhoven and Apollon Limassol have started in the second half.Club-Hapoel Be’er Sheva one day ago

Fer: ‘I Am happy that I can help to win’
Leroy Fer was the man for the Team with two goals against Hapoel Be’er Sheva. “I am very happy that I was able to contribute to the win. It was reasonable, not the very top. The intensity was good, but I think that we have to be a lot of mistakes were made. It should be getting better and better. We made small, individual mistakes, so they have some opportunities,” said Fer, whose physical fitness is much to be done. “I was at the end-a bit tired, but these are the steps that I take. I am very happy with the minutes I get.”

AZ-Royal-Antwerp-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball is rolling again in the city of Enschede in the a-Z-Royal Antwerp.Club-Hapoel Be’er Sheva-four hours geledenDe findings by our correspondent Jeroen, Bijma, which is present in The vessel.

We’re going to be in europe and the sport is a world of difference. As if they were on the weekend with their twins to send. Different, Kokcu, and Ie and makes it a joy to watch tonight. #feyhbs

AvatarAuteurJeroen BijmaMoment of plaatsen21:21 am – August 22, 2019PSV-Apollon Limassol-four hours ago, thePSV in the first half was a poor idea. Apollon Limassol simply stop mode in the Philips Stadium.Club-Hapoel Be’er Sheva-four hours geledenJaap the Tribe is captured in a passage in the history of the Team, three European games in a row without a defeat.

Regards, ️ Coaches that are unbeaten in their first 3 European competitions with @the Club
2019 – Jaap Stam ✔️
2016 Giovanni van Bronckhorst❌
2014 – Fred Rutten ❌
2012 – Ronald Koeman. ❌
2010 – Mario-Leg ❌
In 2008, Gertjan Verbeek ❌
2005 – Erwin Koeman. ❌
In 2004, Ruud Gullit ✔️

AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen21:22 – August 22, 2019Feyenoord-Hapoel Be’er Sheva-four hours ago,we’re going to be with one foot in the group stage in the Europa League
The team has one foot in the group stages of the Europa League. The team’s coach, Jaap Stam won the first match against Hapoel Be’er Sheva are in the play-offs of the Europa League with convincing facts and figures: 3-0. Leroy Fer has two goals, his first hit since his return to The Cockpit, and a large proportion of the Rotterdam title. In next week’s return in Russia.Club-Hapoel Be’er Sheva-four hours geleden90+1 ” is Even, almost 4-0 for the Season. Steven Berghuis passes the ball to just in front of.PSV-Apollon Limassol-four hours ago,to REST. PSV eindhoven and Apollon Limassol will go down as a 0-0 position. In the islands of the first half, both teams have no big opportunities to learn and to create.Club-Hapoel Be’er Sheva-four hours geleden90′, The minimum additional play time in The Tub is a four – minute.Back to top

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