The reactions after the historic world title in judo and Of the End (sealed)

No毛l van ‘t End, last Thursday, history of the world championships to compete in the category up to 90 kg. The Houtenaar is the first and only Dutch world champion since Marhinde Verkerk in the year 2009. Read more in our liveblog.

  • World CHAMPIONSHIP of judo in Tokyo
  • The class to 90 kg
  • Title Of the End
  • The first world CHAMPIONSHIP gold NL since 2009.

World CHAMPIONSHIPS judo-four hours ago,The Dutchman is celebrating his world championship title after also, it with his coach.World CHAMPIONSHIPS judo-four hours ago,No毛l van ‘t End, cries out in joy, following his world title at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in judo.World CHAMPIONSHIPS judo, one hour ago

Noel, you are a champion! 馃馃
#TeamNL馃嚦馃嚤 #JudoWorlds

AvatarAuteurTeamNL馃嚦馃嚤Time plaatsen14:19 – August 29, 2019WK right one an hour ago

馃 | No毛l van ‘t End, 馃嚦 馃嚤 is a world champion!!!
Click here to view the final win 馃憠
#WKJudo #JudoWorlds #JudoWorlds2019

AvatarAuteurEurosport NederlandMoment of plaatsen14:14 – August 29, 2019WK right one hour ago,Juul Franssen, brought to the Netherlands this week for its first medal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. The number five in the world in the category up to 63 kilograms, picked up a bronze medal in her weight class. Coach Maarten Arens, had a two-to-three medals is the goal. Tomorrow, there are chances for the gold medal for the Netherlands. Mark Steenhuis picked up from last year’s silver medal in the category up to 78 kilograms, and is regarded in Tokyo as one of the title contenders. Verkerk won in 2018, with a bronze medal in the same weight class.World CHAMPIONSHIPS judo, one hour ago,Of the End, in the footsteps of Anton Geesink, Wim Ruska, Guillaume Elmont, Dennis van der Geest, and Ruben Houkes. The Dutch men, was already a world champion in judo.World CHAMPIONSHIPS judo, one hour ago

Right馃 – No毛l van ‘t End, (@noelvhe) is the 2nd value, which is an Olympic-title/world title win in Japan, and, after Anton Geesink (1964). #judoworlds2019 #JudoWorlds

AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen14:06 am – 29 August, 2019WK right) 路 2 hours agoOf the End started out his day with victories over the German, Eduard Trippel (ippon), the Austrian, Harrison Cassar (ippon), the South Korean Donghan Gwak (punishment) and the French Axel Clerget (waza-ari). He was also in the semi-finals at the ippon of Nemanja Majdov, and in the final battle earlier, he had just come from the Japanese, Shoichiro Mukai.World cup judo 路 2 hours ago


AvatarAuteurJudo Bond NederlandMoment of plaatsen13:59 pm – August 29, 2019WK right) 路 2-hour geledenDe discharge is high in the Dutch camp. Juul Franssen, who earlier in the world cup bronze medal to the south, Of the End to the nape of the neck. The helmet itself looks like it’s still not quite able to believe it.World cup judo 路 2 hours ago theGOLD. No毛l van ‘t End, was world champion in the class up to 90 kilograms! He beat a Japanese, Mukai, thanks to a waza-ari, and so did the Netherlands, after ten years, gold at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in judo.World cup judo 路 a 2-hour geledenVan ‘t End up with a waza-ari! The Dutchman is in the lead.World cup judo 路 a 2-hour geledenNederland won so far a single medal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tokyo, japan. Juul Franssen picked up a bronze medal in the class up to 63 kg. This means that there’s a second one, but the gold and silver Of the End?World cup judo 路 a 2-hour geledenBeide athletes have been strafje. It goes hand in hand.World cup Judo 路 a 2-hour geledenWe have begun. For now, however, fig. There are no scores.World cup judo 路 a 2-hour geledenVan ‘t the End, this is the tatami in Tokyo! His opponent is Japanese, Shoichiro Mukai, who is seventeen, is in the world. Of the End state of the tenth.World cup judo 路 2 hours agoMarhinde Verkerk in 2009, the last Dutch win the world championship. She won at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Rotterdam, the gold is in the class up to 78 kg. Does Van ‘t End up in her footsteps? Since then, it lost the Netherlands, as many as ten world cup finals.World cup judo 路 2 hours ago theOpponent Of the End-to the final world cup
Judoka Noel van ‘t End is reached in the final of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tokyo, japan. He was surprised to be in the semi-final battle of the class up to 90 kilograms of Nemanja Majdov, the world champion in 2017. With a graceful throw, throw in the Russian federation in zagreb, in the golden score, at the back. In the final battle, take the Dutch to the Japanese, Shoichiro Mukai.World cup judo 路 4 hours geledenKim Polling, frustrated, logically, of her being disqualified at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in judo. In the Netherlands, it was out of the tournament, taken because of a prohibited free-standing pronounced.

I can’t believe the way how’s my World Championships ended today. I tried a complete legal throw, but while throwing to my opponent she let her grip go,,, I lost her head, and suddenly I only had to re-arm. It happened so fast that I had no chance to stop my action. Even though it was clear that it wasn’t my intention at all to make this movement, I got disqualified. I can’t put my disappointment into words. I came here for a medal. A Not-to-get-disqualified-for-an-action, I had no intention of for to make. Some persons are saying the disqualification was fair, others are saying it wasn’t, it all doesn’t matter. I got disqualified, and there’s nothing to do about it. I know-I’m-on-the-right-way-back-to-the-top, and I keep hoping that my period of bad luck will end soon, 馃様

AvatarAuteurkimpollingMoment of plaatsen10:52 – August 29, 2019WK right) 路 7 hours of geledenEen waki gatame, standing pronounced, is the reason for the disqualification of Kim Polling, at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in judo. The Netherlands is with waki gatame is guilty of a prohibited act and is, therefore, from the tournament set.World cup judo 路 7 hours geledenEen big disappointment at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, judo, Kim Polling, one of the contenders for a medal, was disqualified in the third round. It’s not at all clear why the Polling is to be punished.

#JudoWorlds: Kim Polling (-70 kg) is located out of the tournament. The Dutch will take it in for Maria Perez (PUR), but will not be eligible. #TeamNL

AvatarAuteurJudo Bond NederlandMoment of plaatsen08:36 on August 29, 2019WK right) 路 7 hours agoSteenhuis: I’m not going to get more crazy for the world cup judo
Mark Steenhuis has been met at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in judo, a Dutch asset, gold, is still in the topjudoka in the category up to 78 kilograms are there, happy to be sober and under. The province of feels in comparison to the previous world cup’s mental growth and hopes to also be physically strong enough to have been in japan for the history books. “Of course, what I expect of myself is that I have to get the medals going to fight it, but if it is not. You can have in your party already has a topjudoka to take, and in a moment of inattention can be inherited. Judo is sometimes like Russian roulette.”Back to top

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