The race-keeper Coremans, disappointed in himself, and after handing head butt

Sparta’s goalkeeper Tim Coremans on Sunday, after the end of the game, FC Groningen (2-0 loss) was most disappointed in himself. The final item is handed in to the lead with a head butt to The Sierhuis, and had to go with the red departure.

“I am extremely disappointed, mostly in myself,” says Coremans, for HE was never a problem. “I wanted to turn around, but he was closer than I would have expected. And then, I come out with my head on his head. When the referee blows the whistle, do you know what time it is.”

Groningen was the violation of Coremans, and a penalty kick, which was taken advantage of by Charlison Benschop. A few minutes earlier, Sierhuis, the score is opened, the Hitachi Capital Mobility is Important. Shortly after the peace was of the Race of an opportunity to have the chance to get a head start, but If Smith had been more recognized in the Groningen goalkeeper Sergio Padt.

“Whether it’s 1-0 or 2-0, and after that they a result of me no longer matter. I’m going to take a very, very bad feeling, get on the bus. I was shocked at himself too. Not by my action, but I do not touch. I need not be provoked.”

Might be a result of Coremans, and a lengthy suspension on top of the head. “I don’t know what’s going to happen next. It was an unconscious action. I hope there is somewhat to take into account.”

The race-keeper Tim Coremans runs off after his red card against FC Groningen in the netherlands. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Coach Park takes action to be unhappy

Sparta coach Henk Fraser will take Coremans, after a degree of protection. “He is, of course, must not react,” said the coach on FOX Sports.

“I think he’s Sierhuis, in the first instance, it is not even seen, and, I think, to put Sierhuis is also a step forward. However, the red card is, of course, rightly so. It’s not easy to talk to.”

“I think it’s really sad. Sierhuis is much closer than he expected, but it still is going to do something like that. He’s a total player, not to in order to this kind of action out of it.”

In spite of the defeat, is the Race there on the spot, eight to fifteen points is still good for you. In the End, the resume of the Premier league next Sunday with a home match against FC Utrecht, the netherlands.

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