The PSV half on a 1-to-1 against FC Basel in the qualifying round of the CL

The PSV is competing Tuesday night against FC Basel for a spot in the third qualifying round of the uefa Champions League. The Locals defend it, in Switzerland, a 3-2-lead, and, after the late victory in the game. Just follow everything in the game, which is at 20: 00 it starts, at our liveblog.

  • Uefa Champions League
  • The second round
  • LIVE LIVE: FC Basel, PSV eindhoven (1-to-1)
  • PSV eindhoven have won heenwedstrijd with a 3-2

FC Basel, PSV · 2-minute geleden60 Quarters of an hour was played in the second half, and Basle have a slight predominance. In spite of the great start to a decision of peace, to not more than energy attacks.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · the 8-minute geleden52′ Times, trying it from a distance, but the shot was an easy target for Omlin.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · is a 13-minute geleden48 Also Basel will soon have a chance. Ajeti it was close, but Viergever is with the ball.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · up to 14 minutes geleden47′ my god! Right away, a good chance for PSV. Bergwijn is breaking through in the penalty shoot against the post. In the rebound, shoots Lozano high.FC-Basel-MANU · a 16-geleden46, ” We are going to continue to be in the Pc. Jakob-Park, where the two teams are no substitutions done. You can PSV eindhoven after a rest, stand fast, and the next round in the Champions League to achieve this?FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 16 minutes ago,FC Basel, there was quite a physical struggle in the first half. Among others, Hirving Lozano is on the ground.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 25 minutes ago inBruma celebrates his equalizer for PSV eindhoven.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 31 minutes ago,Alone.

The teams were looking for the dressing in a 1-to-1-position. Cömert, brings to the Swiss early on in the race on the lead, and then Bruma midway through the first half and the second half is taking care of. In the final stage of the first half of the walk, the spirits quite a bit, as the Basel three times, a penalty will be claimed.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 33 minutes and geleden45+3 in The next shout for a penalty after a Ajeti, after a battle with Luckassen to the ground, but once again, waves the referee off.FC-Basel-MANU · a 35-minute geleden45 Basel claims to be once again an opportunity to once Viergever hit the ball in the sixteen against the arm, but the referee wants nothing to do with. The emotions run quite a bit, and Xhaka receives a yellow for protesting. There will be three minutes in the first half.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 37 minutes geleden44′ Sainsbury, that is, at warming up, it will turn yellow. The defender is punishable because the game would cease to be a throw-in for Basel.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 40 minutes geleden40′ Good chance for PSV eindhoven right now. After a successful attack with the ball at Times, rightfully so, one wrong touch. Immediately followed by an outbreak in Basel, and scream the next to get a penalty kick after an intervention from Luckassen.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden35 ” Another ten minutes, until the peace of Basel. After the strong opening, and the one on the side of the Basel BACKLINE in the competition after second half a little more under control. The tempo is a bit lower.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden32: “The first yellow card of the match, Van Wolfswinkel. The attacker has to commit to a strong violation of Lozano. The Mexican sitting on the ground, and will be dealt with, but, eventually, beyond.FC Basel, PSV and one from an hour ago

The name is BRUMA! 👂🏾
#BASPSV 1-to-1

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen20:may 28 – July 30, 2019FC Basel, PSV-four hours geleden29′ my god! There was nearly a 1-2 for PSV. Viergever will get a closer look at a free kopkans, but he blasts the ball at a defender, Basel’s it.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden23′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-to-1

On the other hand: do not touch the Locals. Times, after a smart action, on the right, with a measured ball in, and then Bruma, the ball from a distance of 15 beautiful binnenkopt.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden21, ” There is a BACKLINE back again. Lozano is controlled by Bergwijn, and a storm is on target to Basel, but his effort ends up in the zijnet.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden19′ PSV eindhoven escaped with the 2-0. Van Wolfswinkel will be in the sixteen plenty of room for the rebound to get out of it, but he fires over.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden18 The very first warning of the pitch. Gutiérrez’s free-kick from the right side to the target, but the goalkeeper Omlin punching the ball away.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden13′ PSV eindhoven and has it’s very tricky in the opening stages. This will help Luckassen is a great chance for the 2-0 to Basel. Viergever should, then you have a bloody nose just off to the side, but it can go on.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geledenAls these statistics are to be believed, it will be a difficult task for PSV to the next round to reach it.

How ️ the likelihood that @MANU is continuing today, following the 3-2 thuiszege, on the basis of past European results, 43% of #BASPSV

AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen20:06 am – 30 July, 2019FC Basel, PSV-four hours geleden10′ of the Rosary provides a gauge of 20 for the first shot to the side of the pitch, but the effort of his is obviously over.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden8′ GOAL for FC Basel! 1-0

It’s early on, do not touch it for the next. Zuffi puts the free-kick wide, and then Cömert racing out of it and hit the ball over the bar enter. In this position, it is a PSV player turned off.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden7 Basel run to the press, what’s on, and get a free-kick just outside the r-rated.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden5, ” The opening stages of the game, it is a mess. The two teams will deliver the ball quickly, and it is not great to create opportunities. PSV eindhoven are trying to take the initiative, but without success up to now is still not an option.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geleden1′ get The ball rolling in the Pc. Jakob-Park. Can PSV’s 3-2-a lead out of the heenwedstrijd hold on to and is necessary for the third qualifying round in the Champions League?FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geledenDe of the players of PSV eindhoven and FC Basel entered the field in the netherlands. We are going to almost start over.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven-four hours geledenEen a promising statistic for a PLAYER, and that is in all of his games against Swiss opponents and score a goal was coming.

5 – @PSV eindhoven have scored in all 5 of their European games against Swiss opposition, winning four and losing only one. Cheese.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen18:20 – July 30, 2019FC Basel, PSV-four hours geledenDe voters to the polls in the NUsport app, and have confidence in the BACKLINE. For the most part think that the Locals in the third qualifying round in the Champions League away.

What will be the return in the second qualifying round tonight in Switzerland?

  • PSV to win and it is going to door35%
  • Draw, PSV is going to door34%
  • FC Basel will win but PSV will door8%
  • FC Basel to win and clear the PSV uit23%

FC Basel, PSV · 2-hour geledenDe the players of the pitch during the warm-up. Ten minutes until kick-off in Basel.

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AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen19:49 pm – July 30, 2019FC Basel, PSV · 2 hours ago –Van Bommel: ‘I was very quickly’
Mark van Bommel does not have a long time to have to think about its set-up at FC Basel. “I’m always thinking about the compilation, and to doubt all the time, but I had to be quick,” said the the coach and looks at Veronica. “I would hope that we would ever see it, certainly the guys too. It has attitude and a willingness to do. Today We are going to play the way we want to, and that means that we have to move forward and play football.”FC Basel, PSV · 2 hours ago there areis The selection of the pitch is, however, to Basel, to be patient, knowing that it has been a disappointing series of in European away games. Of the last fourteen matches, it was just a one time winner and that was last year on a visit to BATE Borisov (2-3). PSV have played five times, and she will do just fine. If the PSV is in Switzerland, just in time to be a little behind, it’s for the team, Van Bommel hoped Donyell Malen, is an eye-catching array of on. Seven of the twelve goals scored by the attacker to be in the service of PSV eindhoven, fell in the 89th minute or later. (3/3), FC Basel, PSV · 2-hour geledenEen half an hour before the start of the match, the box is already quite full.

The Support level is 💯

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen19:22 – 30 July, 2019FC Basel, PSV · 2 hrs ago –PSV eindhoven has won in the heenwedstrijd against Basle last week with a 3-2, four of the five Dutch clubs in Europe, and once in a 3-2-a lead of approaching this in a uitduel went on and on. In the season 1967/1968, saved only DOS it not, then, in Spain, with a 3-1 at Real Zaragoza, it was lost in the UEFA Cup. In addition, PSV had a very good balance in the qualifying round of the uefa Champions League for the 24-times won the national championship, went for seven out of the eight times. The only exception to this is the two-part series, with the brazil international in 2013, and when it’s at home, 1-to-1, and, in Italy, 3-0. (2/3)of FC Basel, PSV · 2-hour geledenDe players are of the pitch will appear in the Pc. Jakob-Park, home of FC Basel. Another fifty or so minutes for the kick-off in Switzerland.

A good evening, gentlemen 😎

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen18:59 am – 30 July, 2019FC Basel, PSV · 2 hrs ago –PSV eindhoven can be sometimes, hope is able to draw from the statistics
PSV eindhoven may be on tonight on a visit to FC Basel in the second qualifying round of the Champions League, hoping to draw on several sets of statistics, even though the Locals have been working on a bad uitreeks at the European level. Basel, which was in the previous season, in addition to a Champions League ticket, hold on, was the history of six times on their own field against a Dutch club. However, only two of those games were the Swiss, as a result, which results in the elimination of the PSV, it would lead to.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 3 hours agoAlso, FC Basel, it appears that the same eleven as in the heenwedstrijd at the kick-off. So, again, goals for Ricky van Wolfswinkel.

Preparation of FC Basel: Omlin; Widmer, Cömert, Alderete, Xhaka; Balanta, F., Frei; Van Wolfswinkel, Zuffi, Stocker, Though. AjetiFC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 3 hours agoPSV will begin, as expected, with the same names as the previous week’s return against FC Basel.

Opsteling PSV eindhoven: Zoet; Dumfries, Luckassen, Viergever, Sadílek; Rosario, Bergwijn, Gutiérrez; Lozano, Times, Bruma.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 3 hours geledenPSV is on tonight, not in the familiar red-and-white, but green.

Green it is!!! 💚
What do you think of this outfit?

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen18:19 – July 30, 2019FC Basel-MANU · a 3-hour geledenPSV logs into the Pc. Jakob-Park at 20: 00 and the return against FC Basel in the second qualifying round of the uefa Champions League.

In the buildinggg! 🏟

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen18:13 am – July 30, 2019FC Basel-MANU · a 6-hour geledenZo about four and a half hours prior to the start of the match, the mood in the supporters of PSV eindhoven.

🎶 The earth️ are 🎶

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen15:23 – July 30, 2019FC Basel, PSV eindhoven football · 6 hours ago –Van Tiggelen about MANU: “A child is not in a couple of weeks, is a great guy’
Adri van Tiggelen, it is not at all certain of that, PSV eindhoven, tonight, at the expense of FC Basel in the third qualifying round of the Champions League was achieved. According to the former defender of the Locals there is a risk in adolescence. “With the game, I can understand that, he said,” but you can’t do it in a couple of weeks of having a baby is a big guy to make it,” says the 62-year-old Van Tiggelen against NUsport. “And, Of Bommel, is also responsible for this. Out of all people, the players are brought in. The one is the faster to a man than the other. There are also guys who will never be men, and will always be “children” to stay on.” (1 and 2), FC Basel, PSV eindhoven football · 6 hours ago –Van Tiggelen, who, on behalf of PSV’s eleven matches in the european Cup I and uefa Champions League is played, is it any advantage to the team, Van Bommel is that it is so early in the season in European play. “There’s been a lot of talk about both the good and the quick attack of a player, but it is still too early in the season to already be able to properly review it. You can’t get it after one or two matches a good or a bad find. It’s a bit of a question of how far the PSV actually is. At that point, you can be in a match against Basel to make strides, but just in a downward spiral to hell.” (2/2), FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 7 hours ago andIt’s flowing quite well filled with supporters of PSV eindhoven.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 7 hours ago itis The first of the PSV-fans are signing up are already in the city centre before the game with FC Basel this evening at 20: 00 hours.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 9 hours geledenDit is suspected of the preparation of the pitch for the match of tonight’s clash with FC Basel. It’s the same eleven names, as well as during the heenduel in Eindhoven (the netherlands)

PSV eindhoven: Zoet; Dumfries, Luckassen, Viergever, Sadílek; Rosario, Bergwijn, Gutiérrez; Lozano, Times, Bruma.FC Basel, PSV eindhoven · 10 hours of geledenDe the selection of the pitch can have it tonight in any case to count on sufficient support from the box!

“About last week…🤩
Tonight -> the 1800 fans in Basel (100% again)

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen10:43 – July 30, 2019FC Basel-MANU · 11 hours ago andIf PSV eindhoven tonight, FC Basel and turn off at the second qualifying round of the uefa Champions League, the Locals are still two of the developers backs.

Third round: LASK Linz
Play-offs: Dynamo Kiev, Club Brugge, FC Porto, or in Krasnodar, Back-up

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