The protests in hong kong’s airport is prohibited, the flights start again

The hong kong authorities on Wednesday as demonstrations on the international airport, is prohibited. The decision comes after two days of the outgoing traffic due to the demonstrations at the airport. In the meantime you can take flights from hong Kong.

There is a demonstratieverbod be issued in order to avoid that, the proper use of the airport, again, is not impeded”. In the immediate aftermath of the protests, passengers should allow for delays. Also, the number of flights to be cancelled.

The authorities had on Monday and Tuesday afternoon (local time), with the remaining arrivals will be canceled. A portion of those hundreds of flights Wednesday is still running.

The protesters made the graffiti in the departure and arrival halls with the white paper is covered. Also, other signs of vandalism are visible.

At the airport, which is one of the busiest in the world, it was a Friday, and on Tuesday, demonstrated. On the last day, there were the protesters, with riot police after an injured person to doctors of the main terminal building was removed. The hong kong police reported that there were five arrests were made and two officers injured.

The central government in Beijing stated that there is no difference between the protesters and “terrorists”. Also, give it to the Chinese authorities that they were “extremely violent action” be severely punished and must be in accordance with the law.

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The tensions in hong Kong rise

The regional government strongly condemns the violence by the protesters and criticized the way the actievoeren. “Some of the protesters attacked a traveler and a journalist. They were in the ambulance at the passenger to the hospital and wanted to transport it.”

The government states that “such violent and outrageous actions, the norms and values of a developed society, to exceed”. It is also announced that the police did a thorough investigation of the incident will be set up, and that the perpetrators will be prosecuted.

Director Carrie Lam calls on Hongkongers to be the disagreement set aside, and asserts that the restoration of the order of the highest priority. The tensions in the region continue to.

Residents prodemocratisch are already more than two months of action. Initially turned the idea to create a uitleveringswetsvoorstel, but it is now manifest to the people, also their dissatisfaction with the government and the police force.


Police keep activists at a distance, with a gun in hong Kong

Beijing sees the signals from the counter

China is talking more and more about the events in the special administrative region. A spokesman for the firm, which deals with hong Kong and Macau, said recently, “the signals of “terrorism” can be seen at the protests.

This past weekend saw the protests in hong Kong is quite out of control. If cast who’s, two molotov cocktails, leaving one agent was wounded. The man is in the hospital to be treated for burns on his legs.

The protesters say that riot police just to be a lot of violence against them. The agents would have to be less than 1 meter away from the people we have employed. In the several hospitals and is currently being held against police brutality, which, according to the protesters, independent research needs to be done.

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