The professors: ‘He has been guilty of an abuse of power’

Three experts in the field of constitutional law will have on Wednesday declared that the American president when He has been guilty of other crimes that have an impeachment procedure just. That said, the academic in question, during a hearing of the justitiecomité of the U.s. House of Representatives. A fourth witness stated, however, that there is not enough evidence at Home to.

The justitiecomité and heard the four witnesses, as part of a new phase in the afzettingsonderzoek at Home. It was the first hearing of the committee, which is responsible for the preparation of charges to the address of the president. If the so-called articles of impeachment will come, and they have to be approved by a majority vote of all members of the House, and then they will be the charges at a trial, at Home, in the u.s. Senate.

Professors Noah Feldman of Harvard university and Pamela Karlan, of Stanford university, and Michael Gerhardt of the university of North Carolina, was invited by the Democratic party. Jonathan Turley of the George Washington university, Washington, D. C., was on the invitation of the Republican party.

The justitiecomité was president, He and his lawyers were invited to take part in. The invitation was declined, as the White House, and the proceedings unfair, the world.

Professor Noah Feldman of Harvard university, said that He is clearly guilty of an abuse of his office. (Photo: Reuters)

‘A fundamental question for the American people.”

Professor Feldman gave a definition of ” high crimes and misdemeanors high crimes and misdemeanors, ed.). that is, according to the framers of the U.s. constitution as reason for impeachment procedure. It is suggested that the name can often be seen as ambiguous, but it is not. It is concerned with “misuse of the office of the president for personal gain, or for the kiesproces to be corrupt, or the national security of the United States of america in the case, to bring in,” he said.

“This is a fundamental question for the American people. After all, if we have a president in office is abused for private gain, will not be able to continue to live, we are no longer in a democracy. We live in a constitutional monarchy, or a dictatorship. That is why the writers of the constitution, and the ability to sue to have created it.”

The afzettingsonderzoek revolves around the question of whether He of his position, exploited to be the Ukrainian government was going to investigate his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, and his party will have to announce it. The inlichtingencomité of the House, that is, in the last two months of hearings, he came on Monday, with a report in which it concluded that this was the case.

Impeachment procedure against Donald Trump

  • Inlichtingencomité, House of Representatives, has the bulk of the research completed
  • Justitiecomité is looking for drafting the charges (articles of impeachment)
  • Claims must be approved by a majority of the House: ‘impeachment’ (the state of charge, it is a fact
  • Articles of impeachment should serve as a basis for a political trial in the Senate
  • Upon conviction shall be the president impeached
  • The sentencing is valid, if unlikely, due to the Republican majority in the Senate

Obstruction of justice

In addition, an indictment for abuse of power, three of the witnesses, to come to an agreement that He could also be indicted for obstruction of Congress, and the judicial process. He refuses to cooperate with the investigation .A president who does so sets himself above the law,” said Feldman. “This is at the heart of a afzettingswaardige violation, because if the president is not able to be prosecuted, he is in fact, no one is accountable.”

Gerhardt spoke of the example of the Home, the more serious of which are from Richard Nixon, who in 1974, having served an impeachment procedure against him is being prepared. “When and where are talking about here is not afzettingswaardig, it is nothing,” he said.

A professor from North Carolina, told us that Nixon, among others, would be indicted for obstruction because he refused to accept the four subpoenas issued by the Congress, and to obey it. “Here, we’re talking about a lot more than four, of which this president has not succeeded, and that he has the executive power ordered, not by the Congress with which to work.”

As a part of the 41-person strong justitiecomité of the U.s. House of Representatives. (Photo: Reuters)

“Not enough evidence for dismissal to be justified’

No, all four of the experts believe that there is plenty of reason to believe that He have to complain about. Turley said in his opening statement to know that he is not a supporter of the president, and has voted for it, but found that there was not enough evidence has been gathered. Turley said it is concerned about the decrease in the demand for deposits, in order to close it for “lack of evidence, and a wealth of rage”.

Turley spoke out against the “haste” with which the Democrats and the impeachment procedure would be completed and the trial in the Senate would implement it. That does not leave enough time for key witnesses to be heard, which is, as yet, have failed to appear, ” he said. As long as it is a conflict between the White House and the Congress on co-operation in the research, it is not for the court to be settled, according to Turley, for example, that there is a case of the hindrance of the impeachment procedure.

The professor, of Washington, D. C. is the Democratic party anti-bribery and to widely interpret them when they are Trumps acts of using that word to describe it. “This is not an improvisation, in jazz, in the morning, it is not good enough,” he said. “If you’re the president of the anti-bribery blame, you have to really be able to make it, because you’re trying to have a legitimate, elected president of the united states again.”

ijstrijd is stronger in the justitiecomité

The hearing on Wednesday was, as we have gotten used to, largely along party lines. The justitiecomité includes some of the ideology’s most outspoken liberal and the conservative members of both parties. In addition, the rules of the committee to make more room for the minority to object on procedural grounds than in the case of the inlichtingencomité.

Of the seventeen Republican delegates in the justitiecomité made use of frequently such an objection, which had to be settled by roll-call votes. Because of the Democratic majority of 24 of the delegates in the committee, they had little chance of success, but they got the momentum from the meeting.

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