THE president provides for the ‘spirited away’ for the discredited Stegeman

President Adriaan Visser, PEC Zwolle will feel that John Stegeman, in the coming weeks, much will be discussed. The coach fell on Monday in time due to driving while under the influence.

The ACADEMY gave Stegeman, a penalty, as he was on Thursday, when a single mistake is involved. Reportedly, he had almost three times the permitted amount of alcohol in his blood.

“We all make sometimes mistakes, and to do all of them ever do anything stupid”, to defend the chairman, Visser on, HE East his choice of Stegeman does not have to lay off.

“The idea is that you will eventually get to accept it and there is a road that can be found. And it’s also about whether your environment is to accept that you are wrong to have made it.”

According to Visser, there is still plenty of confidence in Stegeman. “If I were the reactions of the defining players as well as a Girl from Poland, and Pelle Clement, it is, however, in the sense that it’s going to work out. However, it is still a tough road for the next couple of weeks.”

PEC Zwolle-president, William Fisher. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

I ‘ve learned is that you get to the ten count

The 43-year-old Stegeman, who is his driver’s license provisional is lost, it is due to THE addition of his fine tools commonly used in community-based projects and should, in addition, all of the costs.

“I’ll send for more than forty years, it companies, and that’s what I’ve learned is that you first have to be very careful, up to ten to count,” said a Fisherman on his choice of punishment.

“At first shoot up, all kinds of things running through your head, but there were a lot of reasons for it to be done as we have done. We are right behind John, and we will continue to do so.”

Stegeman is now in his third season as a member of the ACADEMY. He did this for a long time of sensitive transition from the arch-rival is Go Ahead Eagles at the Zwolle, who, after a five-Premier-league-matches-fifteenth with five points.

Previously, rose Stegeman at the helm of the Heracles in Almelo, the netherlands. As a striker, he came from Vitesse, the city of Helmond Sport-Go Ahead Eagles, Heracles Almelo, AGOVV Apeldoorn and SC Cambuur.

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