The President of Ecuador will refrain from raising fuel prices because of the protests

The government of the Ecuadorian president, Lenín Moreno, attracts the type of cuts on the brandstofsubsidies again. After discussions between the aboriginal protesters and the president, on Sunday.

The Ecuadorian government is now working with the aboriginal leaders to discuss a new, brandstofwet to be where they are, both of them. According to the authorities, this is necessary because of the subsidies, the economy is upset, and is about 60 billion us dollars (54,6 million) have been.

Arnaud Peral, acting on behalf of the United Nations, acting as mediator between the two parties, said on Sunday night that the native chiefs, in return for the subsidies will not stop the protests.

The statement of the president of a major break-through in little more than a week of violent protests. More protests are in the capital city of Quito, ecuador was in the last period of time quite out of hand. The security forces have repeatedly used tear gas being used. At the other agents, four of the protesters to be in the life to come. Hundreds of people were killed or wounded, or were captured.

The government was due to the protests, and even away from the capital city to the coastal city of Guayaquil. In the country on Saturday will also have a curfew. The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends travellers down to the South American country.


Demonstrators from Ecuador and pelting the police with stones


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