The President is really seething about meetings and other setbacks?

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Kurtz: Why the media are fixated on Donald Trump’s mood

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs on whether the President blows really seething about Jeff Sessions and other reserves, and why the media are still in the business of reporting on his mood.

The media is in the business of reporting on Donald Trump ‘ s mood.

This cover is a staple of the White house. The President is regularly reported, angry, angry, frustrated, annoyed, upset, or paranoid, depending on the latest developments and how they play out in the press.

Now, sometimes this is legitimate, because trump is the tendency around to attack the people around him. But I don’t remember, regular updates, whether Barack Obama was crazy, or George W. Bush was ticked off, and so on. (Yes, I know Trump is a very different President.)

He has by any measure had weeks and a rough couple.

Paul Manafort, his one-time campaign Chairman, pleaded guilty and agreed on a collaboration with prosecutors, according to Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, did the same.

Omarosa, his former girlfriend, has written a book, the slating of him.

The Bob Woodward book portrays senior officials actively to undermine President regarded them as ignorant and unpredictable. The message was driven home by the nameless, vented about trump in the New York Times. (I think Anonymous has gone with him, because the piece has faded, and no manhunt is in progress.)

And Trump was pleased with how Brett Kavanaugh was thrown on the outskirts of the Senate, the confirmation of the nomination into turmoil by Christine Blasey Ford’s last-minute accusations.

Now, the media might argue that the President has unusually disciplined this week (and a few journalists have pointed out). Rather than from a script, instead of attacking, Ford, Trump has repeatedly said they want to be heard and he hopes that you witnessed. He has defended Kavanaugh, said he has a hard time believing the allegations and ripped the Democrats for their handling of the matter, but have not yet set incendiary tweets.

But that was overshadowed by his recent swipes at Jeff Sessions. In an interview with Hill TV, Trump meetings was “confused and bewildered” during his hearings, the add said: “I have the attorney general. It is very sad.”

Trump later told reporters that he has a AG (of course he does, literally), but it disappointed in meetings — because he has recused since the former senator from the Russia-investigation. What Trump really meant with his earlier comment that he had no attorney-general, who will not be back, that is the job of the nation’s top law-enforcement official.

The Washington Post describes this as “a raw expression of vulnerability and anger of a President, the employees say, always believes that he is not protected”, including “the Russia-investigation steamrolling, anonymous government officials seek to undermine and to him the specter of impeachment should the Democrats recaptured the house.”

I’m not so sure about the last point, but it certainly is a concern, in the White house.

More from the Post: “The President, as well as family members and longtime loyalists annoy you in the management you can trust, people close to them said.” On the guest, can you blame really them?

I have to throw in a great quote from Steve Bannon, who says that Trump is quite vulnerable.

“The Woodward book is the typed up meeting notes from The” Committee to Save America.’ The anonymous op-ed is the statement of a management coup by the Republican establishment.”

Maybe Trump is seething over these disappointments and setbacks. We can argue how much responsibility he bears for some of the confusion. But it is hardly shocking when he is angry, taken up secretly, fed, and faced with the breakaway loyalist and last-minute hurdle for his Supreme court nomination.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of “media madness: Donald Trump, the press, and The war for the truth.” You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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