The power of the consumer: large retailers dropping Ivanka Trump products

Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom have the products of Ivanka Trump out of the offer shall be deleted because consumers are increasingly less interested in the merchandise of the presidentsdochter showed. Or how you portfolio the difference can help you make it.

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At the end of January showed that Nordstrom Ivanka Trump from the list of designers is deleted, and you have her stuff was no longer with them could buy. It is not a boycott, so let Nordstrom know at Forbes, but a logical decision. “We make our choices based on how good or how bad certain products and brands. It is important that we take our existing brands every year, re-evaluate, and calculate what their share is in our company. Each year, we eliminate about 10% of our file, and we supplement it with new names and products.” In other words: the stuff with Ivanka Trumps name went on-becoming less and less over the counter, and that is not at all unexpected.

Nordstrom was one of the names on the list of retailers that directly or indirectly provide support to the family Trump, a list that was prepared by the American marketer Shannon Coulter under the #GrabYourWallet campaign. The campaign encouraged consumers to to any items of these brands are more to purchase and to write letters to the managers in the hope the range is adapted to get. On twitter also went to movies, the round of women working in department stores acted as if they are horrible burned to the handbags by Ivanka Trump.

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Also one other retailer on this list, Neiman Marcus, now appears to be caved. Who is on the web site of the department store, the name Ivanka Trump type gets no result, same goes for the website of luxeretailer Bergdorf Goodman that under the wings of the Neiman Marcus Group. It is not clear whether the products in the physical stores in the shelves, but online, they are indeed deleted, says a press spokesman at Teen Vogue. Also Neiman Marcus is based on the ‘productivity’ of the merchandise, and calls it so no ban, but a direct result of where consumers have their wallet open.

Whether you agree with the campaigns or not, #GrabYourWallet however, shows the power that you as a consumer can exert on the industry. And that is a very important signal. People feel, after all, but what is often powerless when they read about the use of fur, durable, fashion or namaakpraktijken and claim that one person’s difference does not make. It is now clear that consciously put your finger on the cut keep really results can books.

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