The possession of an Apple iPhone is the best way to prove that you are rich – replacing mustard

Owning an iPhone may be the best way to prove that you are rich, according to a new study. (REUTERS/Thomas Peter)

The possession of an Apple iPhone is the best way to determine whether someone is rich or non – replacement of posh mustard.

That’s according to a new study that examined the best indicators of evidence of a person’s wealth.

The american National Bureau of Economic Research, in collaboration with the University of Chicago to see how our lifestyle choices can shed light on our income.

Research suggests that the iPhone is now the best indicator of someone earning a “high income”.

The paper defines “high-income”, such as in the top quartile of income for a person household type – one, married with children, and so on.

“Knowing whether someone is an owner of an iPad in 2016 allows us to make the right guess or the person in the upper or lower quartile income for 69% of the time,” said the researchers.

“In all the years in our data, not individual trademark is as predictive with a high income as the possession of an Apple iPhone in 2016,” she added.

Other indicators of wealth included the possession of a Samsung TV (58 percent), and having a car with Bluetooth connectivity (70.2%).

If you are using dishwasher detergent, you’re 69.3 percent chance to be “high income”, and if you Ziploc-style plastic bags, then you are 57,5 percent chance to be loaded.

The study compares the current rich-list of indicators from the nineties, and the times have certainly changed.

Back in 1992, the top of the note indicator for the evidence of your net worth was using Grey Poupon Dijon, a kind of mustard (62.2 percent).

Next up was to buy something brand with Kodak, who is now sick camera company that once signified your riches with 61.6% accuracy.

It is no surprise that the iPhones are now seen as an important indicator of the prosperity.

Last year, the line-up of Apple handsets began on a steep € 699 incl. vat ($908), rising to € 1,149 ($1,493) for the top version of the chic iPhone X model.

Apple gadgets are famous duration, with iPads from € 319 ($417), the latest Apple Watch will cost £329 ($427), and a couple of Apple AirPods wireless earbuds retail for € 159 ($206).

But just because you own an iPhone doesn’t mean that you have to pay for the enormous upfront costs.

Buying phones on contract is very popular, particularly in the united kingdom. By spreading payments over a longer period (two years), it is easier for people to bag expensive Apple gear, without being hit by huge bills.

In any case, iPhones are much more popular in rich western countries than in comparison with the rest of the world.

In the united kingdom, 51.46 percent of the smartphones built by Apple.

The next closest rival Samsung, which accounts for 28.86% of the phones sold in the united kingdom in 2018 so far.

Then comes Sony with 2.27 percent, revealing a huge gap in the popularity of Android phones in comparison with expensive iPhones.

But all over the world, it is a very different picture – about 85 percent of the phones in the world of Google’s Android software.

While Apple iPhones are in possession of a much smaller, 15 percent share of the market, especially because they are so expensive.

This story originally appeared in The Sun.


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