The Portuguese fire service has a major forest fire under control

The Portuguese authorities say that the massive amount of natural fires in the central part of the country is under control. The fire burned for several days in the forest region of Castelo Branco, 200 km from the capital city of Lisbon, portugal.

“The fire is under control. It is common for the fire during the afternoon, the weather, strikes, in some places, that’s part of it,” said the commander, Luis Belo, the Costa of the security forces. There are nearly eleven hundred fire-fighters in rope and the fire is completely out.

The authorities said on Monday that the burning is 90 per cent under control. In the fire by the wind, yet again, to make him take them. Be sure and 41 people were injured, including several firefighters. Most of the victims had smoke inhalation.

In other parts of Portugal, and place a smaller natural fires. To put out all of them are still hundreds of firefighters were involved.

According to the Reuters news agency last weekend, more than 8,500 acres in the ashes. It’s a small area compared to the previous year, when it is in the same area fires were raging in which over sixty people lost their lives.


Portugal is once again ravaged by forest fires


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