The pope recognizes in the kersttoespraak support for the victims of the conflict

Pope Francis on Wednesday, in an kersttoespraak expressed its support for the victims of the various conflicts around the world, such as South America and the Middle East. He has asked world powers to work together in order to resolve these conflicts.

The 83-year-old pope at the annual kersttoespraak tradition of attention to the problems here on earth. He started with the conflict in the Middle East and to put an emphasis on the situation in Lebanon, Iraq, iran, Syria, and Yemen. In Lebanon and In Iraq have been held against the government, which in both countries led to the resignation of the prime minister’s office. Syria, and Yemen, all of the years been ravaged by civil war.

Francis continued his speech with the statements about South America, multiple countries in the “social upheavals” of the time. He pointed out that in addition to specifically in Venezuela, where it already has almost all of 2019 is not just a political conflict.

Also, Africa has been in the kersttoespraak called. There are people in the catholic church, due to “ongoing social and political problems, they are forced to emigrate,” and therefore “deprived of a home and a family,” said pope Francis.

49Paus: “the Light of Christ is stronger than the darkness

The pope calls attention to those who, because of faith, will be persecuted

In addition, it was he, among others, look at people who have been persecuted or killed because of their religious beliefs, such as the roman catholic missionaries, who have died in the country of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria.

It was the head of the Roman-Catholic Church of Ukraine, which is searching for peace,” and called for support for the people who have to live in “slavery and the concentration camps”.

The pope asked the people to trust in the inherent goodness of our faith. “There is a darkness in their economic, geo-political and environmental conflicts, yet the light of Christ is stronger,” said pope Francis.

As with every year, they gathered tens of thousands of people in St. peter’s square in Vatican city to see the message at 12: 00 pm to hear it. The pope’s close of the talk, with the blessings of “merry christmas” and the “urbi et orbi” (Latin for: to the city and to the world.

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