The pope abolishes secrecy of child sexual abuse within the church

Pope Francis has announced Tuesday that it is the way in which the Roman Catholic Church and the sexual abuse of the economy, is going to change that. This is the third secrecy was dispensed with, as a rule, those members of staff in the church before, when they were accused of child sexual abuse.

As of now, it is for all of the kerkmedewerkers required to make allegations of child sexual abuse to the local police department to report it. Also, it is not allowed to people who are child sexual abuse, report it, or victims of, it is the silence.

In all the documents in the Vatican on Tuesday to be charged, is that a pornographic picture of children is at least eighteen years of age or younger, in future, when child abuse is seen to be; it was borderline, at fourteen years of age and younger.

In september, the sharpness of the Vatican, and the rules relating to the reporting of child sexual abuse, all of it, but when it is not required to make it up to the police to report it, because the churches, then the danger would be to walk in the places where the catholics were a persecuted minority.

The removal of the obligation of confidentiality must be transparency in the misbruikzaken the inside of the church is concerned.

The French archbishop, on Tuesday, dismissed

The removal of the papal secrecy, was completed in February at a summit on child sexual abuse is one of the key requirements of the leaders of the church. At this summit, which was called st. Francis, the abuse, the devil, and cruel, and he compared it with the ancient cultures in which human sacrifice, especially children, were offered.

The catholic church has done over the past two years, had to deal with dozens of kindermisbruikschandalen. Last year, convicted in a Vatican court, and a roman catholic priest to five years in prison for possession of child pornography, while working as a diplomat in the United States of america was established.

Tuesday, went to the pope to accept the resignation of the 75-year-old French archbishop Luigi Ventura, who is also accused of child sexual abuse.

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