The political protests of the Banksy: Telefoongeneratie and forced labor

The sale of the Turbo Zone Truck, a Truck of 17 tons, of which Banksy’s graffiti-adorned, and promises a record yield to sell. Despite the fact that Banksy has a capacity of about 50 million dollars, ” says the street artist is that he is not out to make money with his art, he wants to draw attention to political and social issues. An overview of some of the bespoke work.
The theme of the work on the truck series

The Turbo Zone Truck, it is the greatest work of the anonymous artist has ever made, with a machined surface finish of about 80 square meters. Banksy was built in the year 2000, six years before he was known to the general public as it was. On the truck, you get the themes to show the street performer is in a lot of his later work to show, such as the party and the opposition.

Comment on telefoongeneratie

Banksy has made it clear in 2014, for the Mobile Lovers. The art work was on display on the wall in the Restaurant. To work in a couple of shows that very little attention seems to have it in for each other, but also with their phone. The work of the artist, comments on the telefoongeneratie’, their live shows by their mobile phones, and much more take a look to what is happening around them.

A critique on xenophobia

Steve Jobs is at the center of the muurkunst that the artist, in 2015, it was close to a refugee camp in france, Calais. In the 2011 death of Apple creator, is the son of a Syrian immigrant. “We’re often supposed to believe that immigrants to our cost a lot, but for Apple the most profitable company in the world, is only because America as a young man, from Homs (a city in Syria-ed.) in the country, has admitted this”, says the artist about it. The year before it was Banksy, however, continue to release a new version (pictured below) from his famous Balloon Girl, which he, with the support expressed to the Syrian people.

Calais: another opera, the di #Banksy
Ci ricorda che guevara, Steve Jobs, era figlio di immigrati siriani #migranti

AvatarAuteurluigidegennarMoment of plaatsen20:43 – 4 July, 2018

The british slave labour

In this work, we are made in the wall of a youth club in London, and has been for a young boy to see this on a sewing machine in the British flag makes. Slave Labor was the protest of Banksy’s against the use of sweatshops (workshops, where children from very low-wage work in the production of the souvenirs for the London Olympic Games and the world jubilee of her majesty queen Elizabeth. It is a part of the wall on which the work was later disposed of, to the dismay of the local residents of the area. They found out that it was meant to be a gift for both of them. Banksy has entered this debate and said that the owners of the club were allowed to decide what to do with the work going on. It was eventually sold for more than 400,000 pounds, and the proceeds went to the club.

The Rat, or the Wall Street

Banksy placed this work in the New York city neighborhood of SoHo. He was a rat who is dressed as a man, in reference to the large number of suit-dressed men in Wall Street, the financial district and in New York city. In addition to the text, “Let them eat crack,” a variation on the statement, “Let them eat cake” Marie-Antoinette, spouse of king Louis XVI. This quote is used to reduce the lack of understanding to mean that the rich might have for the primary classes. The word ‘cake’ has to be replaced with a ‘crack’, points out the Banksy on the drug problem, which a lot of people who are homeless in New York city in that country.

The worst view in the world

In 2017, open fine art auctions miami has a hotel in the village of Bethlehem, which is facing an eight-foot-high concrete wall. The street performer is called for the logeerplaats “the room with the worst view in the world,” and draws this to the attention of the wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories. The hotel is still open. It’s not the first time that a Banksy has this place running. In 2005, he got an anonymous artist, in the time when he was nine, to work on the wall between Israel and the Palestinian areas are painted in, such as a ladder, over the wall, and have a child with a hole in the wall into it.

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