The Polish party PiS will lose the majority in the senate

The conservative party the Right and the Ability (PiS) no longer has a majority in the Polish senate, it appears the Monday after the final results of the elections in the country.

On Sunday, it was clear that the PiS are still in the majority in the Polish lower house has been retained.

The Polish opposition was hoping to have a majority in the senate so that the process of decision-making to be able to slow it down. For PiS, it is in the last term of office as a party to that speed laws are entered.

So the question remains, however, how much of a difference as the opposition to really make the gains in the u.s. senate. Senators co-sponsor bills may not stop it but only slow it down by returning them to the Polish lower Chamber of parliament. However, to appoint to the senate, officers of state agencies.

PiS, with the support of the catholics because of the campaign against the lhbti’s

PiS, since 2015, is the power…. The Polish economy under this regime has grown a lot. Thus, the disposable income per person over the last four years by about 20 per cent. Also, the benefit has been omhooggegaan. In addition, the unemployment rate in Poland is one of the lowest percentages in the EU.

The government has said it is due to the social and economic policy, particularly popular in the roman catholic portion of the population, and the Poles, that is, outside of the big cities. In addition, the PiS are in a hard campaign against the lhbti community. The party has painted lhbti (s) as “dangerous”.


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