The police look or transgender women, deaths connected

DALLAS – The shooting death of two transgender women and the stabbing of a third party are investigated to determine whether they are connected to each other, the police in Dallas said Tuesday.

No arrests have been made. The most recent killing occurred during the weekend.

“These cases, though it is not directly related to this time have a number of agreements, the public needs to be aware of,” Maj. Vincent Weddington said during a press conference .

He added that Dallas police will work together with the federal police to determine whether the attacks should be considered hate crimes.

Muhlaysia Booker, 23, was found shot to death Saturday in the north-east of Dallas. Her death came a month after a cell phone video showed her being brutally assaulted in a separate incident.

The other killing occurred in October last year. A transgender woman was found shot to death in a car parked near an elementary school in far southeast Dallas, police said.

In the cross, a transgender woman survived after cutting repeatedly in April.

Weddington, in pointing out the similarities, said that two of the victims had gotten into a car with someone who prior to their death, while the third had allowed someone in her car to pick up in a passenger car. He declined to specify which of the victims did what, with reference to the research.

He added that two of the victims were in the vicinity of an intersection close to Fair Park, southeast of downtown Dallas, for their death.

Weddington appealed to the public for tips. A town hall meeting is scheduled for Thursday between the police and members of the LGBT community.

Police are also trying to solve the case of a transgender woman whose remains were found in a field in July 2017, Weddington said. The cause of her death is not yet determined.

Weddington has said that there was no evidence found to link to Booker’s death on 12 April defeat after a light collision. According to a police statement, the other driver involved in the accident had a gun and refused to let Booker leave until they paid for the damage to his vehicle. A crowd gathered and someone offered a man $200 to win the woman. Other men also beat her, while one stomped on her head. Booker suffered a concussion, a broken wrist and other injuries, police said.

Video of the attack, which was shared on social media, showed Booker struck as the crowd hollered and looked. Edward Thomas, 29, was arrested and jailed on an aggravated assault charge.

Thomas’ lawyers in a statement said Thomas was not involved in Booker’s death and send condolences to her family.

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