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The HAGUE (Reuters) – the European law enforcement agencies set to lose their capacity to take on the criminals’ mobile devices with the launch of the 5G technology is to be brought into the discussion earlier, the networks have been upgraded, the new head of Europol, told Reuters.

Catherine De Bolle, head of European police agency Europol warned in an interview with the law enforcement agencies to reduce the risk of falling behind the curve on technology, so they are at a disadvantage to criminals using the dark web and the computer in The Hague, the Netherlands, July 16, 2019. REUTERS/Eve, ringed plover

The attraction of the EU to have more powers in the fight against tech-savvy criminals, Catherine De Bolle said the states, not in the bye-laws or the technology to fill the police gap that will open when the 4G networks become obsolete.

“This is one of the most important tools that police officers and agencies, so we have to be in the future,” she said in a recent interview, giving the example of a child has been abducted.

European police authorities are now in a position to listen to and follow wanted criminals with the help of mobile communication devices in the 4G network, but we will be able to use the 5G network,” The players said.

She said that it was a European law enforcement agencies have been in discussions with the 5G, the transition between the tech companies and decision-makers as of late. This meant that the civil servants are now being forced to look for ways to limit the damage caused when the police have been removed from the critical surveillance of under 5 G.

The comments came as Europol issued a report on the fight against crime in the digital age, which is called “Do the Criminals Dream of Electric Sheep”, which describes the adoption by the militia of the new encoded communication tools, 3-D printing technology, and the hacking of the opportunities that are the target of a potential victims online.

It highlighted the possibility of terrorists using self-driving cars or drones as weapons, the use of artificial intelligence, which is able to spreading of false news, as well as high-speed quantum computing is that it can help to crack the encryption code.


Law enforcement agencies were not vocal enough when the decision-makers, and, commercial companies have been discussing 5G technology, and The bulb has been sounding the alarm in order to prevent a recurrence.

“The biggest risk is that we are not enough aware of the developments in technology, and we have to have. We have to understand what’s going on, and we will try to respond to it,” she said.

“So, we need to be at the table at which they will discuss the technological development, in which they talk to each other about standardization.”

Europol to open, in 1999, when Europe’s collective policing agency, and in fighting cross-border organized crime, terrorism and cybercrime, in the next block. It has 900 employees, is headquartered in the Hague, the netherlands.

The agency has been part of the discussions in Brussels, to double the budget of this year, a total of 138 million euros ($155 million), due 2027, primarily for the modernisation of the enterprises, the possibilities, The players said all the details of the new report.

“The areas in which we operate, and the technological developments that we have to deal with the innovation to be used by the criminals, and the web-based crime – it’s huge,” said The Sphere, that is, at Europol, in May of 2018 and beyond, from the Belgian police force.

They are made in the case of Europol as a platform for the modernisation of the EU’s police force, the development of digital tools and techniques.

In order to do that Europol would have the political and financial support from the European commission. For the next seven-year EU budget for the period from 2021 to 2027, “we’ve doubled the money that we have today,” she said.

Reporting by Anthony Deutsch, Editing by William Maclean

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