The police forced the door, Fred, of Leather, after the worrying tweet

The police, on the night of Monday to Tuesday in the home of Fred van Leer entered after seventeen years, fans and friends of the presenter, as it was found to give rise to a disturbing message on his Twitter page. The designer shows by now to know that he was doing well, and that the tweet was from a hacker.

According to the Doctrine, it is a lolbroek on Twitter, as he says in the video that he has on Tuesday on Instagram for sale.

This person, whose identity is not known, it is created, it is placed in a message box with the text “good-bye, and thank you”. The tweet has now been deleted from his page.

“There was a message posted on Twitter,” said Van Leer. “Well, some people had worried that the police will be called. The police took it seriously, and then three men in uniforms in front of the door. That would be where I’m supposed to be fun, but not in the middle of the night when I’m asleep and they’re in the door zone.”

The stylist and presenter, and is “still” alive and kicking”, he won’t know about it. There is now a new lock on the door to be placed.


Fred van Leer: “It’s going to be a lolbroek on Twitter

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