‘The police and the justice doubted about extradition pilot Poch to Argentina

The police and the Public prosecution service (OM) in 2009, questioned whether it is legally called in the hook was to Transavia pilot Julio Poch via a detour to deliver to Argentina. That report NPO Radio 1-program Foreign Desk and RTL News on the authority of several politiebronnen.

The revelations come shortly before a trial that Poch against the Dutch State has instituted, among other things, the role of the government in the extradition. The Dutch-Argentine pilot wants 5 million in damages.

The netherlands was then accused of crimes against humanity is not directly sellout to Argentina, because Poch a Dutch passport and the extradition treaty between the two countries specifically prohibits Dutch nationals.

The netherlands informed the Spanish and Argentine authorities in advance about the flight that Poch to Valencia ran. There he was held, after which Spain him uitleverde to Argentina.


Former pilot Julio Poch acquitted: a timeline

Pilot was fully acquitted

Poch was eight years of age, on suspicion of running dodenvluchten during the regime-Videla, before he in 2017 on all points, was acquitted.

The so-called Spain-route would be a ‘disguised extradition’, which according to international law is prohibited.

Minister of Justice and Security Ferd Grapperhaus and TO deny that and point to the judgment of a judge in 2014. That suggested that a disguised extradition only involved when someone under duress is turned off and that Poch volunteer to go to Spain is flown.

Geert-Jan Knoops, lawyer Poch, says that “the liability and responsibility of the Dutch state for the prosecution of Poch in Argentina is strengthened” by the statements of the politiebronnen to the Foreign Desk and RTL News.

Knoops says that the fact that there was a “disguised extradition” of Poch, because the Netherlands through the construction of the Spain-route has cooperated on the extradition of a citizen, while the extradition treaty of the Netherlands with Argentina prohibits this.

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