The players on the Team can see a clear difference between the bar and the Stem

The players we’re going to find that in the hands of the new coach Dick Advocaat after a couple of days before it is visible. They praise the clarity, the follow-up to the last week of opgestapte Jaap Stam, who for the honour of it to himself, took place after the bad outcomes.

“We all know how Dick is. That would be compact, and for the first time in a defense way to good to drop. Jaap wanted to be a bit more football, with the backs of high. Now, the backs come up and it is wide to keep. There is a big difference,” said Rick Karsdorp after a smooth 0-3 win on Sunday at VVV-Venlo, the netherlands.

“I think it’s certainly a lot brighter for us all. But in doing so, I would like to Jaap what they are looking to do. I also enjoy the training. It was not a good marriage between jack and the Club. That’s a shame, because I think it’s a very, very good job. We’re going to continue to be under the Dick.”

The lawyer was on Thursday appointed as the deputy of the Clan. He picked up right away by Jan-Arie van der Heijden, who is already three months and no more, the clash had to return to the base against the OT, because he was not satisfied with the communication within the team.

“He has left us excited with that. It was thought-provoking to hear. We had the players in a mirror. We have been to are all in the last couple of months. We had fire in our eyes, at TOURIST information centre. The game wasn’t great, but the three points were the important thing,” said Jens Toornstra.


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Fer: ‘I Felt quite guilty about the departure of the Tribe’

We’re going to ditch the big victory at the TOURIST office, a turbulent week in positive way. The team bus was in the previous week, after Sunday’s embarrassing 4-0 defeat against arch rival Ajax by a couple of hundred angry supporters met in Rotterdam, and then Strain the day after his conclusions, and drew.

“The fans have had more to battle come to expect from us. We have listened to, and I had a little understanding of them. She said that she is more hurt by the loss, but this is not as bad. We also do not like to lose. However, they had the right to speak,” according to Leroy Fer, who was surprised by the departure of the Trunk.

“The tribe felt that he could no longer touch it. I had a very good working relationship with him, so for me it was that or fall out of the sky. I felt quite guilty, as I have always, as there are trainers you have to leave. In any case, the bad results are easy to look for the job. We have the players on the pitch to do that.”

“It is sometimes frustrating, but you have to be professional, and continue. We’ve got a good answer. We have had a really hard we are in a position where the Team is not supposed to be. This gives you some confidence, and we need to hold on to.”


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Toornstra: “Should not the party to go’

The team then climbed up to the victory at the TOURIST office from the twelfth to the ninth position in the league table of the Premier league. The won the national championship in 2017 may be next Sunday, might want to get in the vicinity of the sites, which will give you the right to European football as a hekkensluiter manchester united to come in The Cockpit.

“Whether the leak is over, it is over the next period of time to see it. We have only had it a couple of days on the road with a new coach. We are very happy with the three points, but we have not the right, the noise will go away”, in addition to checking Toornstra directly in front of all of you to play.

“Everyone wants to be very, very happy. Maybe it is because of the coach, but also because of the disappointing performance of the season. All of us are dissatisfied with the way it is now, it is gone. That’s what we want as soon as possible, as well. It gave us energy.”

The club is the Thursday prior to the meeting by his side, first in his own house, in action against BSC Young Boys in the group stages of the Europa League. The rank of Attorney should be given to the position in the pool the Team is in the bottom – to win to view on the knock-out stages.

Check out the programme for the event, and the position in the Premier league

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