‘The pilot and the company responsible for aviation disaster to “Colombia”

‘The pilot and the company responsible for aviation disaster to “Colombia”

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Airline Lamia and pilot Miguel Quiroga will be responsible for the aviation disaster to ” in Colombia. That is the conclusion of an investigation by the Bolivian government.

Three weeks ago crashed a plane of the Bolivian charter Lamia down in Colombia with the Brazilian football team Chapecoense.

Pilot Miguel Quiroga was one of the 71 people killed when the plane did not have enough fuel and crashed.

“Lamia and the pilot are directly responsible for what happened”, said minister Milton Claros Tuesday on behalf of the aviation authorities.

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71 killed in aviation disaster to ” Colombia, the soccer players of Brazilian club on board

However, it is the catastrophe, according to the minister himself, it was at that time not unsafe to Bolivia to fly. The government makes according to Claros hurry to get a new security system for the air traffic above the country.

Colombian police are shooting aftermath vliegtuigramp Brazilian football team



Lamia-ceo Gustavo Vargas Gamboa was earlier this month already pinned for the murder. He denies that accusation.

Also his son is stuck, he is a former head of the aviation authority. He is accused that he used his influence has been abused in the granting of a licence to the neergestortte device. He also denies.
Another Lamia-chief and an air traffic controller are also sued, but they fled. The traffic control at the departure of the aircraft have already tegengesputterd, because there was something wrong with the flight plan.

The Bolivian government was previously already known that the authorisation of Lamia to fly for an indefinite period of time is withdrawn.

Aircraft with Brazilian football team crashed

In the neighbourhood of the Colombian city of Medellin is Monday night, november 28, a plane crashed with 72 passengers and nine crew members on board.

The unit disappeared around 22.00 hours (local time) of the radar and crashed. Wreckage located in mountainous area in Medellin.

The location of the downed plane.

Rescue party after the crash, a few survivors found. There are dozens of dead cases.

In the unit were players of the Brazilian club Chapecoense.
© Hollandse Hoogte

The team, active in the highest Brazilian football league, it would be in Medellin on Wednesday the final of the Copa Sudamerica to play against Atletico Nacional.

The team was awarded a phd in 2013 for the first time since the 70’s to the top division.

A survivor is helped at the San Juan de Dios clinic in the city of La Ceja.

On photos is to see how rescue workers are searching for survivors.
© Hollandse Hoogte

Hours after the crash, another person found alive.

A helicopter is in the mountains and landed to help in the recovery of the bodies. Because of heavy rainfall could rampplek any time just about reach the ground.

The unit came from Bolivia and would to the air traffic control in Medellin let you know that there is “an electronic problem” was.
© Hollandse Hoogte

A boy is during a tribute for the fallen players on the tribune of the stadium of the Brazilian club Chapecoense.

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