The perpetrator bottle festival in California was due to self-immolation for the life of

The man who, at the beginning of this week, at a garlic festival in the U.s. state of California, three people, doodschoot, directly after, himself of the living of england.

The nineteen-year-old Santino Legan popped in last Monday for the festival, it’s going to run out to get him, and he made it three killed. The three agents are attacked, then opened fire on him.

After the shooting, his body was found, in which there is, in the first instance, it was assumed that he had been shot and killed by the police. The autopsy revealed, however, that the Legan himself in the head and had to be shot.

The director-general stressed that the three policemen in the ensuing shoot-out came, some heroes need to be seen. “Without their quick response, there are still more victims might fall.”

When the attack came, among others, a six-year-old boy and a dertienjarig girl’s life. At least ten people were injured by the flying bullets. The motive for the murder is still not known.


California, you are running away after hearing gunshots

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