The perfect new year party according to… Matthias Soberon (Served by Soberon)

Food is important to a successful party to be able to speak, but is drinking well! That is also Matthias Soberon, who lent his name to his blog Served by Soberon. This is how a bartender is a way to a perfect new year party shaket.

Matthias Soberon © Niels De Keukelaere

What do you find important in a new year party?

The friendly atmosphere, both with the family as in-laws. The whole evening eating, drinking, laughing, and gifts to hand out. I also think it’s fun to me really to dress. During the holidays, may it be just a little bit tidier all.

What should really not be missing on the table?

Equally fun drinks for those who do not drink alcohol. Making a good mocktail might cost a bit of thinking, but I think it is of the utmost importance that everyone gets that there are as inviting look. Cocktails are specially made and served in beautiful glass, why would the people who don’t drink than not the same pleasure?

What do you want this year, certainly not see during the party?

A ‘Gin Tonic’ as an aperitif, I drink a lot of prefer a good sparkling wine or champagne or a aperitiefcocktail than a Gin and Tonic. Not because it is inferior, rather because there are a lot of things can go wrong in preparing it. Too little ice, too much tonic, a dominant, garnish, … than love I like classic.

The Proof Is In The Pudding (see below) © Served by Soberon

Delivers meals to organize you stress?

Not at all. Stress is something I énorm little experience. I love to cook and make the people want to have their way. If everything goes as planned, that is a different question, I am especially slow (haha), I call that ‘my own pace’. And if it takes a little longer, then I will make sure that the glasses always filled.

You have a fixed feesttraditie?

My father and I have a board game invented that we always play during the holidays. The goal is to make your ‘big’ gift to earn, but along the way, you can also candy and small/fun surprises to win. We play this game between the different meals, which leads to the most hilarious scenes.

The feestmenu of Matthias

The appetizer is always my task when we are with my family to celebrate. This year, I make a twist on the French 75, a cocktail based on Champagne or Prosecco, with a citrus-oriented gin, fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup, I add like to know what Chambord (frambozenlikeur). Simple, but with a nice punch. As mocktail I foresee a combination of vlierbloesemsiroop, lime juice, tonic, raspberries and mint. This, combined with a starter consisting of dips such as tapenade, hummus, fresh tomato salsa, is always a shot in the rose.

The tradition in our home consists of a main course of stuffed turkey, fir-tree, croquettes, cranberry sauce and homemade pepper sauce. In addition, it does not matter that much. Our dad can choose how the turkey is filled, and which side-dishes served there. A few years back, asked my parents or don’t even have time to have the menu to adjust. You had the faces of my brothers and myself. Since then, they ask no more. (haha) Like to be served with good red wine or a hearty dark beer, and water.

My ideal dessert is ice cream, taste does not matter much. I like to have something fresh to finish. Ideally combined with a good digestive. A qualitative old minimum as the Filliers 8 works, but this year I have something specialers in store: A nice cocktail on the basis of Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin:

The Proof Is In The Pudding

  • 60ml Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin
  • 20ml Mandarine Napoleon
  • 15ml DOM Bénédictine
  • 5ml Green Chartreuse

Preparation: put Everything together to stir with lots of ice, and seven in a coupe glass. The above amounts are for 1 person, but are easy to multiply.

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