The perfect new year party according to… Barbara Projects (Les petites pestes)

Les Petites Pestes, you’ll find more than food only – even those who love beautiful things and traveling, will find to his liking – but the food must be absolutely his. The secret of Barbara Projects for a successful party is not too hard to do your best. She serves up an easy sharing menu, something for everyone.

Oatmeal in layers (brunchrecept, see below) © Les petites pestes

What do you find important in a new year party?

The most important thing is the brunch after new year’s eve, or on christmas morning. Together and have brunch the day after with thick pancakes, poached fruits, fresh carrot cake, lost bread,…: Lovely, that scent of cinnamon through the house! A warm golden or chai latte, frittata and shakshuka… that entire table should be full of! Anyway, it is christmas, the time to be blessed to enjoy and spend time with friends and family. I like to slow down and try not too much in to planning, so that you each party a full day can take. An ideal day during this period is: breakfast, with a thick jacket on and a walk along the beach and then with cheeks glow from the cold air of the chimney of stitches, together ‘fiddling’ in the kitchen, small snacks in between, eat, and exit with the typical classics. Everything can, nothing must.

What should really not be missing on the table?

Not so much on the table but rather at the table should be there for me nothing or no one missing. Therefore, we put everything on the table: so there is no back-and-goings or nobody signs must animal. Everyone just stays comfortably at the table and serving himself from the various bowls with vegetable products, dips, sauces and salads.

What do you want this year, certainly not to see at parties?

Parsnip puree with basil oil, see under © Les petites pestes

The mobile, computer or tv. No technology please! No socials media! Focus just on the people around you and be present. I want to be one exception and that is for the annual Home-Alone-display.

Further more I would also prefer not too much back-and-goings to the kitchen to see if a person with ‘kitchen duty’. We are always all in the kitchen and everyone helps. This is what happens always and I learn every year something. What koffiekletsen around the cooking pots and previews of the dessert just helps you the most out of your time together. It is always the nicest time.

Delivers meals to organize you stress? (And what do you do to counter?)

In the past I would have my full kookboekcollectie and half the internet in a day have cooked, both well-known and not-known recipes. But of course this is not the best time to try new things. That could be seriously in error due to expire and you take the necessary stress to deliver. And since cooking fun, I am so what diaper. My focus is now on family and friends, not the food. That is why I choose for large bowls on the table with ingredients that are multi-employable. So I will cut just what vegetables, panache, put them in the oven or grill them and serve them with simple dressings, and toppings. Then I have no hours in pots to stir, and everyone can brag to his own preference.

You have a fixed feesttraditie?

Brunch the day after the party!

On Christmas day itself, we invariably pick up at the deli (I get all lobster cravings when I remember). Then we have no washing up: very relax. Every year we eat the same dessert. No buche, but a quick ‘Last Minute Almond Chocolate-macarons ever. Very light, everyone there’s still a hole.

Barbara’s feestmenu:

Mix and match with the following side dishes and dips. The perfect escorts of turkey or fish.


© Les petites pestes

Baba Ganoush

Crunchy salad with feta and coriander

Cacio y pepe spaghettisquash

Red beet and sweet potato’pasta’

Salad of roasted fennel, lemon and kurkumawalnoten

Parsnip puree with basil oil


Last minute macarons, ready in seven minutes

Some brunchideeën for a feast from the morning:

Warm winter oatmeal carrot cake

Oatmeal in layers

Apple pie

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