The perfect eindejaarsmenu according to… of Ghent Chiau (Cuberdon & Macaron)

Good food: a constant in the lives of Ghent Chiau, the blogger behind Cuberdon & Macaron. So also during a christmas – or oudejaarsfeest. Find out her casual chic menu for friends and family.

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What do you find important in a new year party?

A new year party for me, is only successful if it is for everyone – for young and old, from guest to host a party. The time of complex 8-course menu is a thing of the past. Tasty simple dishes to share, the so-called ‘shared dishes’ are more than ever the key to success.

What should really not be missing on the table?

Champagne and oysters for the appetizer and a

well pateeken to exit. Products of top quality are for me the beginning of a successful feast.

What do you want this year, certainly not to see at parties?

Cheap prepared crap to the equally plastic. If I have the offer of pre-packaged snacks and meals in the supermarket, see, I can not understand why you have something to buy. You often pays too much for a tasteless variant that you simply can make.

Delivers meals to organize you stress? (And what do you do to counter?)

Totally not, it’s almost my 2nd nature. An endless passion for cooking and a culinary job, we have learned that you don’t have to search far. Start on time with your preparation, set your menu to be balanced together (a beautiful mix of cold and warm dishes) and provide one large table for all your food to serve. Make sure that you do as much as possible along with your guests can enjoy.

You have a fixed feesttraditie?

Not really, if it is good and a bit original is J. We find each year there is a fun angle. So it is with Christmas a Spanish tapasavond and we are going with new year’s eve back in time with a cool vintagethema. In advance so a theme determine always provides a lot of creative dishes and cozy decoration.

© Cuberdon & Macaron

Annieks casual chic feestmenu

Macaron de Paris-citizen

Carpaccio of nashipeer, endive, pecan and blue cheese

Stew of hare with gnocchi

Dessert Royal

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