The perfect eindejaarsmenu according to… Ellen Van Gool (new technology)

Christmas need not always be traditional, says Ellen Van Gool of new technology. She serves this year a range of dishes from across the border.

Mini blueberry cheesecakes (see below) © Cooking

© Cooking

What do you find important in a new year party?

If I get to the new year, think, then shoot my family and me immediately outside! If you have a busy life leads, then shoot the familiebezoekjes there sometimes, so during the holidays, I will try that definitely. A good chat, socialising and that combined with good food is for me the perfect setting.

What should really not be missing on the table?

Atmosphere and ambience, I wear always a high priority. The food may be so delicious, if you have the feeling that you are in a cold cold room, I find there is nothing. Candles will brighten up the quantity for sure, along with some seasonal branches and attributes (that you simply from the nature can pick) and you’re left. What food is concerned, I am quite flexible, but my biggest fear is always that there is too little air. Therefore, you will be with me always, a well-stocked table.

What do you want this year, certainly not to see at parties?

I think it’s great when people’s days are busy with preparing the christmas meal, but I find it absolutely not fun if they are also during the dinner, constantly looking for the kitchen walk, or barely in their seat because they are back and forth on the walk to the food in the right direction. So I would like to no empty chairs!

Delivers meals to organize you stress? (And what do you do to counter?)

I love spoiling people, do enjoy and entertain (with my eating). Of course you will want that extra good, so that brings healthy stress. I’m still in the learning process, but I find that simpler things to prepare really not a problem for your guests and that as a result you only have the healthy stressvlindertjes left. I am also a great supporter of the preppen, prepare in advance. Most of my recipes, you can completely prepare the day/morning for the dinner and I do during the get-together only for a short while in the oven, to cross, to warm up or to finish.

You have a fixed feesttraditie?

Actually, not really. I’m also still young, so ask me this in 20 years again and then there will probably already have a lot of traditions crept in. I love, however, each year, just something new to try and my inspiration free rein to let it go. Pinterest is in december a good friend and then again to experiment until I am satisfied!

© Cooking

Ellens feestmenu

Bruschetta with goat cheese and red fruit

Thai pumpkin soup

Whole chicken in the oven with wintervegetables

Mini blueberry cheesecakes

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