The perfect eindejaarsmenu according to… Caroline Dhont (Avocado of the Devil)

To actually are not as new year celebrations to keep, boxes Caroline Dhont of food and travel blog Avocado of the Devil, yet a mind-boggling feestmenu in each other. Delicious food, a light appetizer, a no-nonsense main course and then this wonderful cake: it was today but all party.

Chocolate moelleux with salted caramel (see below) © Avocado of the Devil

What do you find important in a new year party?

Had not much good to be eaten, I would have the holidays, would prefer-go for me. I’m a little excited of christmas carols and the other kitsch that goes with it. But, admittedly, against the roughly 23 december, melt my indifference and I can still fully give in to it. The prospect of socialising with family and friends at a good table and pulls me across the finish line.

What should really not be missing on the table?

I really love snacks, with something sparkling in it. Preferably a nice mix of hot and cold, crunchy or for dipping,… The great danger is to be too much of the snacks to eat. Solution is to have a very celebration with only snacks.

© Avocado of the Devil

What do you want this year, certainly not to see at parties?

In these cold days, I like to know what is heart-warming costs, so would prefer not to cold buffets. For instance, I’m not a fan of lobster belle vue, the lobster is completely platgekookt then, in my opinion, such a sin! Much rather be out of the oven with, for example, salieboter.

Delivers meals to organize you stress? (And what do you do to counter?)

I try to adjust to the time that I have to prepare. I have that day still need to work? Then it will be something simple. If I have a whole day to prepare, then I could really enjoy it for an hours to stand cooking. I see it as carte blanche to experiment plenty and then also try new things. So stress, no not really.

You have a fixed feesttraditie?

The dinner that we have with my parents and sister do on christmas Eve is sacred. We come from a Burgundian nest and so this is a yearly tradition and also a culinary highlight for all the family. We divide starters, main course and dessert under each other to prepare and then choose a theme. This year we will be somewhat more sober, and we are each a light dish. Curious to see if we succeed!

© Avocado of the Devil

Carolines feestmenu


Something warm, something cold and something for dipping, along with a sparkling cocktail.

Bloemkoolcrème with bacon

Rolls with chorizo, arugula pesto and ricotta


Mojito fizz


I dare something to a lot of snacks to serve, it is dangerous that the stomach then what to filled hit. Fish and shellfish are tasty, easily digestible, and when the starter let your carbohydrates, it is best omitted.

Scallops with knolselderpuree and crunch of prosciutto

© Avocado of the Devil

Main course

Where you at the starter struggles to signs beautiful animal, I find that you with the main course a beautiful showpiece on the table should put a solid piece of meat where you sliced from cuts and divides, for example, an impressive Italian porchetta of pork belly. In addition, a few beautiful as well as vegetable dishes to share. For example, beautiful roasted beets with goat cheese and komijncrumble and roasted vegetables with maple syrup, chilli and feta. Finally, there is also still something of fries, and then I will choose resolutely for hasselback potatoes.


Chocolate cake is a real dessert to bring to unpack. Always exciting to see if the core is still liquid or not. The surprise will be the greater, if there is a golden yellow salted caramel from the cake comes brindle: chocolate moelleux with salted caramel.

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